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DSP Readers Love Surveys

If anyone had asked me, I would have had nothing but great things to say about Dental Sleep Practice readers. Send them a survey? Sure, they’ll send in lots of responses! Send them a really long, detailed survey? Well, let’s hope they have the patience for it. Our readers surprised us with a robust response, to say the least! Nearly 500 of you gave us your thoughts. Special thanks to ProSomnus Sleep Technologies for providing the honoraria for completing the …

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The Standard of Care Has Been Elevated

by Dr. Joe Magness and Crystal May What an exciting time to be a dentist! Now more than ever before, we are being asked to participate and play a very active role in the overall health of our patients. Health is defined by Webster’s dictionary as “the condition of being sound in body, mind, and spirit.” You know the correlation between oral hygiene, inflammation, oral function, and our health, but do you know what a significant effect poor sleep has …

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A Collaborative Quest for Better OAT Devices and Outcomes

A patient diagnosed with moderate OSA sits in a dental chair. The patient is CPAP non-compliant and has been referred to a dentist credentialed in Dental Sleep Medicine for Oral Appliance Therapy.
One of the many decisions facing the dentist is OAT device selection. Does the dentist choose a familiar OAT device? Or is there something unique about a specific patient that suggests a different option? And what about one of the new OAT devices that has been recommended by a colleague? Is this the time to try something different?

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Sleep Medicine’s Seismic Shift to Dentists – Are You Ready?

by Charles F. Collins, CEO – Airway Management For years, many members of the dental sleep medicine community have been predicting that this segment of dentistry is poised for exponential growth. It’s right around the corner… As the CEO of Airway Management, I’ve been fortunate to serve clinicians on the front line for the last 16 years. To effectively support the community, we constantly evaluate the big picture of dental sleep medicine and look for evidence of future growth and …

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It’s the Picture Not the Words That Moves Them by Erin Elliott, DDS

I am a nice person. In fact I’m so nice that I told my front desk team members to always let sales reps through. My team doesn’t need to be a gate keeper because I’m always willing to at least meet them. I most likely will not buy from them, but hey, they’re just trying to make a living. I was known as the nice dentist to pay a visit to until the day a distributor representative came by. We …

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