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Challenging the Status Quo

by Erin Elliott, DDS   Sleep medicine is one of the fastest growing areas of general dentistry. An increasing number of practices are now focusing on patients’ overall health in addition to their dental health and hygiene. I love sleep. Whether it’s dental sleep medicine (DSM) or actually catching some ZZZs, I cherish it. Anyone that follows my social media knows this because my husband, Tom often posts pictures of me dozing. I got involved in DSM in 2008 when …

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Leading the Cross-Coding Movement for Over Three Decades

For many dental offices, the ability to cross-code and bill a patient’s medical insurance for necessary procedures isn’t simply a way to improve the bottom line. It’s the single most important factor for a practice to set themselves apart in the current landscape. This is no surprise to the team at Nierman Practice Management, a company who not only founded the cross-coding movement but has been leading the way to cross-coding success for over three decades. Nierman’s mission to help …

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The Next Quest: Earning OAT Referrals from Physicians

“Without tradition, art is a flock of sheep without a shepherd. Without innovation it is a corpse.” – Sir Winston Churchill by Mark T. Murphy, DDS, D.ABDSM, and Len Liptak, MBA The Churchill War Rooms museum in London is a network of dank, subterranean bunkers where Sir Winston Churchill led Britain’s defense against the Nazis. Not only do the War Rooms pay homage to Churchill, the museum is a glorious tribute to crisis management. The fact that such a vast …

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Introducing the Medley, a Three-in-One Appliance

  by Robert R. Rogers, DMD, D.ABDSM  My first experience with a sleep appliance was in 1990 when I journeyed from Pittsburgh to San Antonio to hear the late Dr. Thomas Meade speak about his breakthrough boil and bite Snore Guard appliance. My success with this rudimentary method of stabilizing the mandible during sleep changed the course of my career and the lives of thousands of patients. Over time, the concept proved valid and the appliances became customized and more …

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Embrace Disruption – Rewards Come with Adding Technology

by John Pasicznyk, DDS ”1’ve made a huge mistake” are words you never want to think when starting a career in dentistry. Yet, that’s exactly where I found myself early on. By all accounts, life should have been great: I recently bought a growing fee for service practice just miles from my home, taking care of patients that appreciated the dentistry I was doing, and had a great team around me. Unfortunately, I was experiencing the exact opposite; I had …

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Shaq puts the Slam-Dunk on Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Watch the interview MedMark Media Founder and DSP Publisher Lisa Moler sits down with Basketball Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal to discuss his struggle with OSA and how he is fulfilling his dream of spreading awareness of this life-threatening condition. Shaquille O’Neal’s powerful athleticism and personality have made him one of the world’s most recognized celebrities. He undoubtedly is an MVP, and now has added MVS (Most Valuable Sleeper) to his long list of accomplishments. He met with MedMark Media …

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Physicians and Medical Insurance

Editor’s intro: This survey about physicians and medical insurance illustrates the complicated relationship between patients, physicians, dentists, and payers. Besides medical insurance, there are many choices for dental sleep therapies in the dental sleep practice. See DSP’s survey called “How We Do What We Do.”

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