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Planmeca Group

A global leader in health care technology Shiny white design and devices with colors from metallic silver to lime green, 3D-printed skulls of humans and pets in illuminated glass display cabinets, touchscreens surrounding the devices that look like they’re parts of a spaceship. This futuristic yet inviting pastel-colored scene is not part of a science fiction novel but is reality in a showroom in Helsinki, Finland. This showroom belongs to the Planmeca Group, a company that develops and manufactures cutting-edge …

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Direct to Consumer Advertising for Sleep Therapy

No doubt, if you have turned on a TV in the last 24 hours, you have seen a direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertisement. Overseen by the Food & Drug Administration, these ads are typically targeted at the public with the goal of getting people to ask their doctor for a specific drug, joint implant, or even a surgical procedure. Direct to patient advertising on television, radio, in magazines, and more recently online, has largely had a positive impact on increasing the general …

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We Can See It Now, But Wait! There’s Moore!

Will this work for me, Doc? If only dental teams offering help for sleep-disordered breathing could answer this question with confidence! Will the airway respond to mandibular advancement? How far does it need to move? Where does the airway close? Can we know where the narrowest spot is, and does that information tell us anything? Does the 3D image from a cone beam give us any answers? Dr. Kent Moore is an oral surgeon in Charlotte, North Carolina with a …

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Changing lives with every breath

Global Leader in PAP Therapy Makes MRD A Mainstream Sleep Apnea Therapy Option The 4,000-plus ResMed employees around the world are united by the goal of changing lives by putting a spotlight on the serious health impact of sleep disordered breathing, and engaging the medical and dental communities with innovative, patient-centric products to manage the condition. Formed in 1989, ResMed is the global leader in developing, manufacturing and selling positive airway pressure – PAP — equipment, but its leadership recognized …

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