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Providing life-saving care for patients is the #1 reason dentists get involved in Dental Sleep Medicine (DSM). Issues related to medical billing seem to be the #1 obstacle dentists cite for abandoning DSM. You provide the best treatment money can buy, so you expect to be compensated appropriately. This is where the frustration, disappointment, and confusion can set in. In each issue of Dental Sleep Practice, we ask numerous experts three questions. No one, not even the most prolific DSM …

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4 Axioms for Medical Insurance Success

by Randy Curran and Kyle Curran I’ve lived in the medical billing world for nearly 20 years. That’s 20 real years – not the 2 weeks that might feel like 20 years these days. I’ve seen a lot of changes with coding, policies, and procedures and had the good fortune of seeing many practices flourish. I’ve also learned a lot about what not to do. There are 4 axioms – statements that are established and self-evidently true – about medical …

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2021 Office Visit Code Changes: A Positive Impact for Your Bottom Line

by Rose Nierman, Founder & CEO, Nierman Practice Management I know. I get it. Medical coding may not be the most exciting subject matter, but trust me on this one – it’ll pay to keep reading! It will be worth the time, and the information may even increase your bottom line. Much anticipated and long overdue updates to office visit codes, referred to as evaluation and management (E/M) codes, promise to improve the patient experience and save dental practices time …

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Game Changer

by Randy Curran and Kyle Curran You have heard a cacophony of opposing views about everything from appliances and billing protocols to fees and accreditation; from sleep testing and sleep physician engagement to purple mountains majesty and amber waves of grain. No matter where you are in your Dental Sleep Medicine career, you have experienced some confusion about, well, about nearly everything. Ten years ago, pioneers in the Dental Sleep Medicine (DSM) field adroitly persuaded Medicare to recognize the importance …

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The #1 Struggle in a Dental Sleep Practice Isn’t What You Think

by Michael Cowen How would you answer the question – “What is the #1 Struggle in a Dental Sleep Practice?” Would you cite the challenge of getting your whole team on the same page? Maybe you would quote the astonishing number of times patients say “no” when their quality of life hangs in the balance. In looking outside of the practice, you might mention the chasm that seemingly separates the dental and medical communities from much needed multidisciplinary collaboration. Well, …

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Next-Level Strategies to Protect Your Practice

by Bre Cohen COVID-19 has hit the dental industry hard. Closing doors for months is a big blow to any practice and while traditional insurance is great, chances are it didn’t cover your business interruption during this pandemic. So, how will you handle the next adverse event? For many, that thought makes them cringe and for good reason. However, entrepreneurial dental practices are finding ways to protect their business risks that fall outside of traditional insurance through Enterprise Risk Management …

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9 Steps for Success

by Steve Carstensen, DDS, FAGD, FACD, FICD, D.ABDSM Have you ever been asked to do something you weren’t trained to do? Did you feel some pressure, either from the requester or in your own mind, to say “Yes” because you “should” know what to do, but, really, it would require stepping outside your limits? This nearly universal experience in our dental offices defines “Scope of Practice.” It’s all about what you are trained to do. The definition of what we …

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