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DocTalk Dental: COVID-19: As Dental Pros, We Need To Adapt – A Multi-Specialty Panel Discussion

MedMark Media CEO/Publisher, Lisa Moler, is joined by four top industry leaders to discuss preparing for life after COVID-19. Each doctor brings a unique perspective on their specialty within dentistry, and together they provide insight on how to prepare your practice and team for post-Coronavirus changes. A huge thank you to Dr. Mark Murphy, Dr. Jay Bowman, Dr. Justin Moody, and Dr. John West for sharing their expertise and opinions! Listen To The Podcast HOST LISA MOLER CEO/FOUNDER OF MEDMARK, …

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DocTalk Dental: Sleep Apnea with Shaquille O’Neal & Dr Jonathan Greenburg

Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal struggled with sleep apnea for years before meeting Dr. Jonathan Greenburg. “Before being diagnosed, I didn’t realize how serious the effects of my snoring could be,” Shaq recalls. “Not only did it scare me, but my snoring was causing those around me to suffer. I met with Dr. Greenburg multiple times to find a solution and he introduced me to my ZYPPAH snoring device. It works for me and now I want to help others.”

MedMark Media CEO Lisa Moler sits down with Dr. Jonathan Greenburg and basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal to discuss Shaq’s battle with sleep apnea.

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Jeff Rouse and Lisa Moler

DocTalk Dental: Interview with Dr. Jeff Rouse

In this episode of Doc Talk, Lisa Moler, Publisher & CEO of Dental Sleep Practice, sits down with Dr. Jeff Rouse to gain insight on the development and strategy of a new idea for treating sleep apnea called “Airway Prosthodontics” and Breaking the Fat Old Man stereotype. DocTalk Dental Interview with Dr. Jeff Rouse.

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