The Struggle of the Juggle

ZZZ Pack Dental Sleep Podcast Doucette
Dr. Jason Doucette flips toboggans while dispelling myths about the real opportunity in Dental Sleep Medicine. With a bustling restorative practice and a thriving DSM practice, he joined The ZZZ Pack to talk about the “struggle of the juggle”, the “slow brew of” DSM, competition in the field, his device of choice, the importance of a sleep champion, and much, much more.
There were laughs, tears, cartwheels, a wealth of practical inspiration, and tons more that will leave you asking, “WWJD (What Would Jason Do-ucette?”

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Kettenbach is best known for dental impression materials technology. In addition to classic silicone impression materials, Kettenbach also offers a developing technology base in restorative resins designed to simplify dental practice routines. And most recently, Kettenbach acquired the Airway Metrics system which assists the office in identifying an ideal bite position for the desired oral sleep appliance.  Kettenbach is dedicated to providing dental professionals with high quality, world class engineered and superior dental materials.


Meet the ZZZ Pack:


Lisa Moler is founder and CEO of MedMark LLC and publisher of several dental specialty publications. Her personal experience with obstructive sleep apnea inspired her to launch Dental Sleep Practice magazine.

Dr. Erin Elliott lectures extensively on dental sleep medicine and short term orthodontics and loves to help general dentists extend this life-saving service to their patients. She teaches sleep apnea with 3D-Dentists and Dr. Tarun Agarwal and privately coaches practices about sleep.

Jason Tierney is the founder of the North American Dental Sleep Medicine Symposium and has contributed to the development of numerous devices for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea and migraine headaches. He also serves as editor-in-chief of Dental Sleep Practice magazine.

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