The Panthera Pivot – Lessons in Business Agility from Our Northern Neighbors

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Opportunity to develop a disruptive new oral appliance? PIVOT!

Time to launch another new appliance & then your biggest competitor unceremoniously disappears from the market overnight forcing you to increase your manufacturing capacities fivefold within a week? PIVOT!

Spent a year building a state of the art new corporate HQ & then COVID-19 throws an unknowable wrench into things? PIVOT!

Pandemic essentially shuts down your business? PIVOT!

Beatrice Robichaud is the co-founder of Panthera Dental, manufacturers and owners of the innovative, printed Panthera D-SAD device. The past couple years have seen them face innumerable significant challenges that would have crushed many businesses. Instead, they’ve crushed it by continuing to pivot. Heck, they’ve done it so often with so much success, that we’re now coining it “The Panthera Pivot.”

This agility, creativity, and innovation have been personified by their pivot to leverage their additive manufacturing capacities for the fabrication of PPE during the COVID pandemic to their ability to significantly ramp up to meet the demand for their proprietary D-SAD oral appliances when Resmed dipped on the Narval.

What have they done? How have they done it? And what’s next? I’ll give you a hint - Beatrice shares an exclusive news flash on this episode!

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Panthera Sleep has successfully combined creativity, science and know-how to develop its proprietary innovative technology and is now able to offer next-generation products to the sleep industry worldwide. By establishing the Sleep Division, Panthera Sleep’s goal is clearly to keep helping patients and procure them a most-deserved good night’s sleep and quality of life.

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