Global Pandemic Time to Open a New SleepTMD Practice

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Dr. Sam Cress  sold his general dentistry practice and began the process of opening a new sleep and TMD practice dedicated to providing his guests with desirable experiences from he and his co-therapists. Wait, what about patients, appointments, and hygienists?

Then COVID-19 struck. What’s a dentist to do? Tuck your tail and run for safety? OR BLAZE FORWARD? Dr. Cress is crazy smart and did the latter. Then the wackiest thing happened on opening day. Listen to find out about this test in resilience.  You’ll get a tutorial on positive mental attitude, grit, and optimal time management.

Speaking of sleep and TMD - Dr. Cress tells us about the genesis of the Meridian PM, his patented, FDA-cleared orthotic for the treatment of the aforementioned maladies. Incorporating myofunctional therapy tenets, emphasis on the TMJ, and minimizing VDO with casted laser welded accuracy, SC makes a startling claim about the device’s efficacy. You’ve 110% gotta hear this.

Oh, but, doesn’t stop there. Hear how Dr. Cress has leveraged the wisdom of his mentors to build value for his guests so they’re willing to hang sheetrock to get into the office sooner, how he’s been able to avoid the medical insurance maze while getting almost everyone into the treatment they deserve, and the #1 issue dentists struggle with at his lectures.

Dr. Cress makes yet another astounding claim when he says that EVERY dentist has what they need to successfully treat TMD patients. What is it? In an episode full of quotables, you’ll just have to shut up and listen…and no beans and weenies for you...
Sam Cress

Dr. Sam Cress is the Director of The Center for Craniofacial & Dental Sleep Medicine, located in Houston, Texas. In addition to his practice specializing in Dental Sleep Medicine, TMD, Cosmetic and Full Mouth Rehabilitation, Dr. Cress is a clinical instructor teaching other dentists the benefits of Airway Conscious Dentistry as well as diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from TMD. He has successfully treated OSA and TMD patients since 2009, and he is a featured speaker at industry conferences and educational seminars. Dr. Cress pursues ongoing advanced education in the field of Dental Sleep Medicine, TMD, Cosmetic and Full Mouth Reconstructive Dentistry.  He currently holds a duel pending patent on an oral appliance for the treatment of OSA The Meridian PM.

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The Meridian PM treats primary snoring, OSA and associated breathing symptoms. The Meridian PM stabilizes the lower jaw maintaining a patent upper airway during sleep decreasing the frequency and duration of apneic and hypopnic events including respiratory effort related arousals (RERAs) such as snoring.  The Meridian PM helps in oxygen exchange during sleep as well as health and social consequences associated of OSA and snoring. Visit

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Lisa Moler is founder and CEO of MedMark LLC and publisher of several dental specialty publications. Her personal experience with obstructive sleep apnea inspired her to launch Dental Sleep Practice magazine.

Dr. Erin Elliott lectures extensively on dental sleep medicine and short term orthodontics and loves to help general dentists extend this life-saving service to their patients. She teaches sleep apnea with 3D-Dentists and Dr. Tarun Agarwal and privately coaches practices about sleep.

Jason Tierney is the founder of the North American Dental Sleep Medicine Symposium and has contributed to the development of numerous devices for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea and migraine headaches. He also serves as editor-in-chief of Dental Sleep Practice magazine.

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