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David helms the ship as CEO of Respire Medical, a flagship of Whole You™, where they’ve taken the oral appliance market to new heights with the launch of the innovative Whole You™ Respire Pink AT. David dishes on new advancements to the Herbst appliance, how listening to the voices of their customers led to the changes, why their BONKERS warranty matters, and how the dental sleep field would benefit by learning analogously from other business verticals. All of this with a British accent.

David also tells what he’s learned from the Who’s Who of physician specialty guests he’s had on his own podcast, “Sleep Talking.” You’ll be stunned by his suggestion about what dentists should do to earn more physician referrals. It definitely reinforces the idea that there’s more than one way to skin the proverbial cat.

David’s past life as a denturist gives him unique perspectives into what dentists can do to improve the quality of the cases they receive, the future of digital impressions in DSM, and which anatomic curvature can make or break a case. He downloads some truly meaningful insights, teaches the ZZZs about spotted dick, and stuns with some of his lightning round questions.

New appliances, new perspectives, new episode. Listen, rate, comment, and tell a friend.

David Walton

David Walton

In 2008, after graduating from the Royal College of Surgeons in England, David Walton moved to New York and co-founded Respire in 2010. Over the last ten years, he has grown Respire into one of the leading oral device companies, and in 2015 led the acquisition by Whole You. With this new partnership, they will be developing new and innovative products over the coming years.

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At Whole You™, we support you in providing quality treatment to your sleep apnea patients. From our extensive product portfolio for a wide array of patient conditions, to our direct-to-patient marketing program to our educational material. We are here to support your entire practice every step of the way.

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Lisa Moler is founder and CEO of MedMark LLC and publisher of several dental specialty publications. Her personal experience with obstructive sleep apnea inspired her to launch Dental Sleep Practice magazine.

Dr. Erin Elliott lectures extensively on dental sleep medicine and short term orthodontics and loves to help general dentists extend this life-saving service to their patients. She teaches sleep apnea with 3D-Dentists and Dr. Tarun Agarwal and privately coaches practices about sleep.

Jason Tierney is the founder of the North American Dental Sleep Medicine Symposium and has contributed to the development of numerous devices for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea and migraine headaches. He also serves as editor-in-chief of Dental Sleep Practice magazine.

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