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Dr. Rodgers put his shirt on to yap with the ZZZ Pack about the revolutionizing nature of post-apocalyptic telemedicine, how to manage this new workflow, and how it creates a better experience for many of his patients, particularly those with a lengthy drive. Part of this new workflow involves using the WatchPAT One after patients provide positive subjective feedback, and he wants easily obtained, accurate, objective data before sending them back to the sleep doc. And we couldn’t talk about that without talking about effort belts – to be or not to be…. Dr. Rodgers answers that question.

Then he gets deep – real deep. He confesses to being a former “What If” guy. You know this person. You might even just need to look in the mirror. Symptoms include analysis paralysis, fear of taking action without determining every possible outcome for the next millennium, attending 100 hours of CE without doing one case, etc. Dr. Rodgers shares how he overcame this malady and started treating more patients – a lot more patients. What was that pivotal moment and what tactic helped the DSM practice grow exponentially?

Are your patients using CBD or THC to minimize their anxiety or insomnia? Things got a little wacky as we discussed the pros, cons, and potentially game-changing nature of widespread cannabis legalization.

COVID-19 has affected nearly every facet of life. Jeff Rodgers is one of the DSM clinicians that’s adopted some cool innovations and updated his workflows to actually improve his productivity and patient experience. Listen. Learn. Act. Nobody wants to be a "What If" Guy.

Jeff Rodgers

Dr. Jeff Rodgers has been in private practice for over 20 years, specializing in both general dentistry and dental sleep medicine. Dr. Rodgers is a board-certified expert in sleep, treating patients who suffer from sleep breathing disorders. Additionally, he provides seminars locally and nationally throughout the year on sleep issues and oral appliance therapy as a treatment option to raise awareness for sleep apnea.

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WatchPAT by Itamar is an easy-to-use patient-led alternative for diagnosing sleep apnea with unique abilities to interpret test results automatically, as well as produce an automated sleep report. The WatchPAT ONE is the first fully disposable HSAT which helps to eliminate infection risk. It uses a simple smartphone app to transmit the patient’s sleep data. Visit www.itamar-medical.com  to learn more about WatchPAT products for your dental practice.

Meet the ZZZ Pack:


Lisa Moler is founder and CEO of MedMark LLC and publisher of several dental specialty publications. Her personal experience with obstructive sleep apnea inspired her to launch Dental Sleep Practice magazine.

Dr. Erin Elliott lectures extensively on dental sleep medicine and short term orthodontics and loves to help general dentists extend this life-saving service to their patients. She teaches sleep apnea with 3D-Dentists and Dr. Tarun Agarwal and privately coaches practices about sleep.

Jason Tierney is the founder of the North American Dental Sleep Medicine Symposium and has contributed to the development of numerous devices for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea and migraine headaches. He also serves as editor-in-chief of Dental Sleep Practice magazine.

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