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Titration Before Fabrication or “Try It Before You Buy It”

An Ergonomic, Extremely Low-Cost, Multidimensional Monoblock Trial Sleep Appliance  by Allen J. Moses, DDS, DABCP, D.ABDSM  Introduction The recent confluence of scientific advances in dental ...
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Optimizing Healthspan: A Resounding Victory, A Probable Failure, And A Call To Action

by Bill Hang, DDS, MSD A New Book I recently finished reading one of the dozens of books on health/longevity that I’ve read in the ...
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My Rx for Summer

How many times have you written prescriptions for your patients? Even after they leave your office, you strive to ease their pain, head off their ...
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“The First Thing I Got Wrong”

by Kalli Hale, DDS, MPH, D.ABDSM, D.ABSB  During a break session at a collaborative conference for sleep, a physician colleague caught me checking a sleep ...
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Sleep & Cannabis: Exploring the Potential

by Jamila Battle, MD The use of cannabis products for sleep disorders has gained popularity, but there is limited scientific evidence to support their efficacy. ...
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Dentistry 3.0

by Steven Lamberg, DDS  The context of this new term, Dentistry 3.0, is derived from Dr. Peter Attia’s recent book Outlive in which he introduces ...
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Sleep Through Her Eyes: Unpacking Gender Differences in Sleep and OSA

by Alison S. Kole, MD, MPH, FCCP, FAASM  Sleep, a fundamental aspect of health and well-being,1 exhibits unique characteristics and challenges in women, influenced by ...
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The Biggest Sleep Myths

by Lee A. Surkin, MD, FACC, FCCP, FASNC, FAASM During the last couple of decades, sleep science has developed remarkably, providing significant findings about the ...
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What I Wish I Had Said

Steve Carstensen, DDS Diplomate, American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine New Orleans is an inspiring city. Walking around the Garden District with its flowers and ...
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What’s All the Buzz about the ‘K’ Code in Dental Sleep Medicine?

by Rose Nierman, CEO, Nierman Practice Management The landscape of billing for oral appliances in dental sleep medicine is constantly shifting. As a dental office ...
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Dental Sleep Medicine and Craniofacial Pain Education Makes Global Impact

by Drs. Terry Bennett and Mayoor Patel Tufts University School of Dental Medicine (TUSDM) has long stood at the forefront of dental education, pioneering research, ...
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SomnoMed Elevates Oral Appliance Therapy Through Its Medical Initiative™ with Research-Backed Efficacy, Quality, Comfort, and Durability

Olivier M. Vanderveken, MD, PhD, presents a SomnoDent® Avant™ to a patient. SomnoMed’s Medical Initiative™ In sleep medicine, advancements pave the way for enhanced treatment ...

Dental Continuing Education

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Pediatric Sleep-Disordered Breathing and Obstructive Sleep Apnea: The Role of the Speech-Language Pathologist

by Ann Blau, MS, CCC-SLP, CMT® and Kaitlyn Shrum, MA, CCC-SLP, QOM, CMT® Sleep is one of the greatest public health challenges of the 21st ...
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Overview of Abnormal Movements During Sleep

by Amalia A. Geller, MD Abnormal movements during sleep are common in early life — with between 15% to 20% of children experiencing this condition, ...
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Physical Therapy Collaboration in Dental Sleep Medicine

by Brad Gilden, PT, DPT, FFMT, FAAOMPT, PRC, CSCS, and Bill Esser, MS, PT, CCTT Role of an AirwayCentric® Physical Therapist in Dental Sleep Medicine ...
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Why Every Dentist and Orthodontist Should Have an Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist on Their Team

by Nicole Goldfarb, M.A., CCC-SLP, COM® As knowledge about the etiology of sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) has expanded over the recent years, it is imperative to ...
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Mitochondrial Dysfunction Acquired from Sleep Related Breathing Disorders is the Cause of Most Non-Communicable Diseases

by Dr. Steve Lamberg Wouldn’t you love a deeper understanding of the underlying pathophysiology of sleep related breathing disorders “SRBD” and how they cause so ...
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Restless Legs Syndrome

by Zhu Zhu, MD, PhD; Saniya Pervin, MBBS; and Daniel O. Lee, MD, FAAN, FAASM Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a common sensorimotor neurological disorder ...
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Interarch Jaw Registration Devices for Oral Sleep Appliances: Consequences of Anterior vs. Posterior Stabilization

by Allen J. Moses, DDS Introductory Anatomy and Kinetics Human beings are the only mammals to have a shared foodway and airway. As a result, ...
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Epigenetics and Sleep Disordered Breathing

by Amalia A. Geller, MD Child neurologists have much exposure to many different types of genetic conditions that lead to sleep-disordered breathing. For many years, ...
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Sleep Related Breathing Disorders During Pregnancy: The Impact of Intervention on Maternal and Fetal Health Outcomes

by Steve Lamberg, DDS, D.ABDSM     Ample evidence exists showing Sleep Related Breathing Disorders or SRBD, have a negative impact on maternal and fetal outcomes. A ...
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Mastering the Myo Merge: The Importance and Essentials in Implementation in the Dental Office

by Karese Laguerre, RDH Sleep and airway focused dentistry have been estimated to be a $6 billion global industry and has seen rapid growth since ...
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Technology: Dental Sleep’s Gatekeeper to Boost Case Acceptance and Increase Efficiency

by Jason Doucette, DMD, D.ABDSM, and Jeff Rodgers, DMD, D.ABDSM Technology continues to revolutionize the practice of dental sleep medicine (DSM). Various instruments, software, and ...
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Physician-Dentist Collaboration: A Call to Arms for Allied Troops

by John Viviano, DDS, D.ABDSM, and John Bouzis, DDS Broken. This one word describes the current model for identifying, diagnosing, and treating sleep disordered breathing ...

Clinical Spotlight

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Boning Up on Nitric Oxide: Just the Hard Facts!

by Dr. Steve Lamberg  If you’re not already jazzed up by nitric oxide “NO”, buckle up for a deep dive into this multifarious messenger molecule that impacts vascular and metabolic ...

Clinician Spotlight

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Guiding Our Way for 40 Years!

Paying it forward. The lecture team at the Pankey Institute with (from left) Drs. Gy Yatros, Ed Zebovitz, and Steve Carstensen, and supporting team Glennine Varga, Christina and Laura.; Laura ...

Corporate Spotlights

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Who We Are: 3DISC

Founded in 2007, 3DISC started as an R&D company but quickly matured into an agile American manufacturer and global provider of digital imaging solutions for dental practices. Fourteen years later, ...

Inside The Lab

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A New Technique for Fabricating a Mandibular Advancement Device in the Edentulous CPAP-Resistant Patient

by Richard. B. Dunn, DDS, MS, D.ABDSM; Jessica Turner, CDA; and David Walton, CDT  Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a major medical problem throughout the world. It has been estimated to affect 15-30% of ...
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