The Future of DSM – Mic Drop

Like the famous rapper, our guest's initials are M and M. He's also from Michigan and come to think of it, I've never seen Mark Murphy, DDS and Eminem in the same room. Are they one and the same?

Mark Murphy, DDS aka Murph Doggy Dogg, aka The Silver Fox channels Eminem, Tone Loc, and Sir the 1st 3 minutes.

Then he gets down with The ZZZ Pack to discuss how to close more oral appliance cases, transition to a medical model, and what the Dental Sleep Field needs to coordinate to drive physician engagement and ensure the rising tide raises all ships.

Then he takes us home with his insights about the future of digital technology in Dental Sleep, the next generation of appliances, and you'll be stunned to hear his views about what decreasing reimbursement might mean for your lab bill.

He's the man. He's prosperous. He's funky. He's Mark Murphy, DDS. Mic drop.


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