Dental Sleep Practice Webinar

How Hazardous is Dental Office Air?

This is an electronically delivered self-instructional course for dentists.
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Webinar AGD Code: 148 | Webinar CE Credits: 1 | Webinar Duration: 1 hour
Webinar Live Date: June 2, 2022 10:00 am | Webinar Expiration Date: 06/02/2025

Presented by Dr. David Crank

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June 2, 2022, 10 AM (PST)
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About The Webinar

Have you ever wondered about the risks associated with dental office air quality?  After all, there is a lot that flies out of patients’ mouths that is not captured by our suction devices.  In this fascinating webinar, we will briefly cover all the main concerns regarding dental air quality and evaluate the solutions designed to lower the risks.

CE Learning Objectives:

  • To identify and understand the airborne hazards associated with dentistry
  • To recognize respiratory risks involved with these hazards
  • To evaluate various mitigation strategies employed for reducing and removing airborne contaminants

About The Presenter

Dr. David Crank

Dr. David Crank is a dentist in private practice in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina.  Besides dentistry and making music, his interests also include identifying and solving complex air quality concerns.  Realizing he had reached an uncommon level of expertise on airborne risks and solutions in the dental setting, he enjoys sharing the broad body of evidence-based knowledge with his colleagues to make dentistry healthier and safer for dentists, staff members, and patients.

Nexus Dental Systems

Nexus Dental Systems was created to unite several key solutions for medically necessary dental treatments into one fully integrated system. These solutions include credentialing (ACSDD), whole team training (N3Sleep), patient outreach and education (DreamSleep, DentalPlay), and an innovative medical billing solution that is integrated into the whole process through our proprietary software.

We united these capabilities to address the main challenges dentists face when treating sleep.

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