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Blending Restorative Dentistry And Sleep – Simplifying The Circus!

This is an electronically delivered self-instructional course for dentists.
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Presented by Dr. Marc Newman

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Free Informational Webinar

June 23, 2022, 10 AM (PST)
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About The Webinar

Blending a high level of restorative dental care with DSM can be quite the struggle, especially when just starting out. Dentists get pulled in a variety of directions, which make sleep somewhat of a distraction in the management of many facets of care. It can feel like a circus! We will discuss in this webinar what I’ve learned in my 8+ years of practicing sleep and 10+ years of restorative dentistry that work to simplify the circus of blending in sleep to the restorative work flow.

Topics Discussed:

  • Real world struggles implementing a quality DSM process
  • Streamlining screening and sleep testing that will help more patients get help
  • Restorative dentistry + DSM – processes to blend both in the same schedule

About The Presenter

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Dr. Marc Newman graduated from Indiana University School Of Dentistry in 2011. He has been in practice at the same general dental practice with two of his brothers ever since. As he built a patient base similar to a start up dental practice he simultaneousy built a sleep practice within the general practice. He has been a contributor to Dental Sleep Practice and a featured guest of ZZZ Pack Podcast episode “Sleep Champions Breed Sleep Champions.” Dr. Marc was a former board-eligible member of the American Academy Of Dental Sleep Medicine (2014-2021) and current board-eligible member of the Academy Of Clinical Sleep Disorder Disciples (2022).

Nexus Dental Systems

Nexus Dental Systems was created to unite several key solutions for medically necessary dental treatments into one fully integrated system. These solutions include credentialing (ACSDD), whole team training (N3Sleep), patient outreach and education (DreamSleep, DentalPlay), and an innovative medical billing solution that is integrated into the whole process through our proprietary software.

We united these capabilities to address the main challenges dentists face when treating sleep.

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