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TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre International, headquartered in La Mesa, California, is a leader in the field of continuing education, training and resources for the dental healthcare profession.

Dr. Steven R. Olmos is the founder and CEO of TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre International
Dr. Steven R. Olmos is the founder and CEO of TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre International

Offering continuing education courses for professionals seeking more knowledge in the fields of craniofacial pain and sleep-related breathing disorders. For more than 15 years, they have been providing an integrated approach to patient care for adult and pediatric patients with sleep-related breathing disorders, and for the full range of craniofacial pain, including facial neuralgia, orthopedic dysfunction of the TM joints, musculoskeletal pain, and primary headaches (migraine, tension, cluster). They understand the complexities of cranio-facial pain and sleep disorders — how they overlap and how they impact the lives of millions. The TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centres commitment is two-fold, providing education and training for the global professional community treating these patients, and providing care for patients in their “Centres of Excellence” around the world, over 60 centres in 7 countries.

Their course objectives include in-depth diagnosis, triage, the most current diagnostic and treatment technologies, patient management systems, and training at all levels of a dentist’s practice. All education is directed by Dr. Steven R. Olmos, an internationally recognized lecturer, researcher, and the founder and CEO of TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre International. Dr. Olmos graduated from the University of Southern California School of Dentistry and has dedicated the past 30 years to the fields of craniofacial pain, and sleep-related breathing disorders for adults and children. He has extensive post graduate education and board certifications in both craniofacial pain and dental sleep medicine. This effort is focused to establish protocols between dentistry and medicine for optimal treatment outcomes. We encourage you to expand your knowledge by taking one of their courses and connecting with their team of experts.

TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre International“My diagnosis and treatment focus have changed dramatically over the last few years to a more simple, conservative delivery with greater efficacy. Helping people is my goal and I can help far more patients if I share and teach other professionals what I have learned and tested,” says Dr. Steven Olmos, Founder and CEO of TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre International.

To learn more about TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre International and see all of the courses they offer, visit or call 877-864-4325 to speak directly with an education administrator. Check them out at Booth #816 and be sure to use code GNYDM for a special rate!

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