Great Lakes Now Offers the Medley Sleep Appliance

Great Lakes Dental Technologies is pleased to offer the Medley Sleep Appliance for patients suffering from sleep apnea and nighttime snoring. The unique Medley appliance features a platform with dual configuration options that can accommodate different advancement mechanisms including: rigid nylon links, elastomeric (EMA) straps, or telescopic Herbst® rod sleeve arms. Medley offers personalized advancement options for ultimate patient comfort without treatment delays or the need for multiple appliances.

Medley Sleep ApplianceAccording to Robert Rogers, DMD, DABDSM, and inventor of the Medley, “The Medley Appliance serves the needs of a vast majority of my patients who suffer from sleep apnea and nighttime snoring. I have used this appliance almost exclusively for five years. I am also thrilled to partner with Great Lakes Dental Technologies as the sole laboratory to manufacture my sleep appliances for distribution in the United States and Canada.”

This versatile appliance offers three different design applications to treat a majority of patients.

The Medley Rod Sleeve utilizes a “pushing” force, and the telescopic Herbst rod sleeve mechanism offers superior strength and firmer jaw positioning. The Medley Rigid Nylon Links utilizes a mandibular “pulling” force, and the nylon link material provides a more rigid, firmer advancement feel, and won’t deform. The Medley Elastomeric also utilizes a mandibular “pulling” force, but the subtle stretching characteristic of the elastomeric straps allows maximum comfort during advancement, making it ideal for patients with tender joints or loose teeth.

To learn more about the Medley Sleep Appliance, contact Great Lakes Dental Technologies at 1-800-828-7626 or visit Great Lakes Dental Technologies is an employee-owned company with over 275 employee owners who design, develop, manufacture, and market products for use in the orthodontic, dental, and sleep/airway market. Great Lakes is one of North America’s largest orthodontic laboratories and offers more than 4,000 products and services. Great Lakes is a nationally approved PACE Program Provider for FAGD/MAGD credit. Great Lakes headquarters is located in Tonawanda, New York, a suburb of Buffalo.

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