At ProSomnus ProSleep 2022 Users Conference, dental sleep experts explored the potential for precision oral appliance therapy.

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ProSomnus’ inaugural annual meeting, ‘ProSleep 2022 Users Conference’ was a shining example of just how NOW that future really is! The theme of ‘Making SHIFT Happen’ was on full display. Imagine a DSM in which precision OAT (like that engineered by ProSomnus) provides efficacy on par with CPAP for mild and moderate patients. Where adherence combines to offer a more effective treatment than positive pressure. Where design minimizes side effects, comfort is excellent, and repair and breakage are rare. Well, that FUTURE IS NOW HERE! P-OAT or precision Oral Appliance Therapy has become the new standard of care providing more patients with better outcomes than traditional custom devices. It gets better. The likelihood that ProSomnus® EVO™ could become the first P-OAT to be cleared for first line use for severe patients and robust sensor technology on the horizon will be transformational to Dental Sleep Medicine.

The fabulously elegant San Francisco Fairmont served as the backdrop for two days of intense evidence-based lectures, panels, and 25-minute TED-like talks. Dr. Olivier Vanderveken walked the room through the early results of the First Line OSA Therapy Study in Belgium. Designed to show that precision OAT can serve as an effective first line treatment for moderate and severe OSA and demonstrate patient preference. Hypoxic burden as the next, perhaps more appropriate metric than AHI, was featured by Dr. Reza Radmand and his study at Harvard using precision OAT. Dr. John Remmers painted a picture of how precision OAT ‘WILL’ cross the chasm and become the new Gold Standard for effective OSA treatment. For a full list of topics and speakers, contact ProSomnus at Visit for the ProSleep 2023 Save the Date, coming soon!


Dr. Erin Mosca, PhD’s presentation stimulated lengthy discussions at breaks and at evening dinners. Her data analysis of published studies framed first, how the AASM treatment guidelines came to be and have evolved, and second, how much better the efficacy and ergo effectiveness of precision OAT is. Her literature review of Efficacy, Adherence and Durability demonstrated that only recently have precision devices shifted the preponderance of evidence to support first line therapy use. Studies using custom non-precision devices, demonstrated 69% efficacy for mild and moderate compared to 92% for ProSomnus precision devices.

Similarly for severe cases, the custom non-precision devices demonstrated 50% efficacy compared to 63% for ProSomnus. This helps us position precision treatment to be comparable to CPAP and more effective. We now need randomized control trials to demonstrate the impact on outcomes and relevance of metrics. ProSomnus EVO may be uniquely positioned to become the first oral appliance to acquire a severe clearance indication for use.

If we want to cross the great divide with medicine, we must think, act, and be more like them. That includes making clinical decisions based on what is best for the patient. Better efficacy and adherence along with durability and fewer side effects should be the goal. Today, the preponderance of evidence points us in the direction of precision OSA therapy. The resultant effectiveness is making it the preferred choice; not just of patients and providers, but ultimately physicians and payers too…and that makes SHIFT HAPPEN!

Dr. Mark Murphy discusses how ProSomnus raises the bar with a revolutionary new material.

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