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Dr. Mark Murphy shows how the ProSomnus appliance with MG6 material changes everything! Read about what makes this design special.

by Mark T. Murphy, DDS, D.ABDSM

ProSomnus [IA]

Evolution refers to the gradual development or changes in something over time. Revolution means ‘a turnaround’; a sudden, complete, or radical change in something, occurring in a “staggeringly” short period of time. The ProSomnus® [IA] was unquestionably ‘revolutionary.’ As the first iterative design, first precision engineered platform, and first control cured, milled PMMA, it was met with skepticism, and a doubtful attitude that seemed to shout, “that will never catch on.” That was 2014, and just six years later, it was the most prescribed device in North America last year. I know, there are more prescriptions for various generic Herbst, dorsal, and other devices, but by single manufacturer and design the ProSomnus [IA] is #1.

Ask average dentists which ‘new’ concept they like the best and they lean toward the one that stands out the least, gravitating to the one that provides slight improvements over everything that’s been on the market. Time and time again we have seen small changes to old products fit this scheme. Legacy devices made from acrylics, using ball clasps for retention, soft liners for comfort or printing nylon which is hard to clean are small changes to the status quo. ProSomnus’s use of control cured milled PMMA was a revolutionary new material, design, precision engineering and manufacturing process. It has allowed ProSomnus to manufacture a family of precision devices that prevent tooth movement and are super easy to clean.

This sea-of-sameness that exists is why other manufacturers are fighting a price war in a field filled with commoditized products. Another Herbst. Another dorsal. Another soft liner. Curt Bailey, the president of Sundberg-Ferar, a Metro Detroit innovation design studio, calls this sameness, ‘the porridge.’ Curt continues on, “With a nod to Goldilocks, these products are not too hot, not too cold, they’re just right. They are also warm, mushy, and bland. In their zeal to be just right for everyone, they’re not really special to anyone.”

So, what is next?

Unfortunately for dentists, sleep physicians are not happy with ‘the porridge.’ The legacy materials and handmade manufacturing processes do not provide the level of precision, comfort, hygiene, and performance that physicians demand and expect for their patients. Oral appliances have to evolve from the old to the new. Precision design, engineering, and processing along with better materials can raise the bar from being just part of a dental lab to true medical device manufacturers. Handmade porous cold cured acrylics, soft silicone liners, or flexible biogunk incubating printed nylon simply do not meet the needs of precision medicine today. You are seeing more control cured PMMA, CAD/CAM, intentional precision and innovative engineering designs and materials surface. Soon you will see an even more dramatic innovation in material technology; a flexible, strong, precision milled platform. Designed to help make your work easier and earn the trust of sleep physicians and payers, this material innovation will have all the attributes you are accustomed to with the ProSomnus platform but with added flexibility and strength. Made from a proprietary MG6™ medical grade technology and material, it is virtually indestructible, easy to deliver, and has the same precision and ease of cleaning you have come to expect from ProSomnus. If dentists want to earn more prescriptions from sleep physicians, we need to ditch the porridge!

ProSomnus MG6 material changes everything. Evolving soon!


Pending FDA Clearance

For another close look at ProSomnus [IA], see Dr. Mark Murphy’s article, “Choosing the right appliance may reduce side effects” here:

ProSomnus [IA]Mark T. Murphy, DDS, D.ABDSM, is an American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine Diplomate and has practiced in the Rochester area for over 35 years. He is the Lead Faculty for Clinical Education at ProSomnus Sleep Technologies, Principal of Funktional Sleep, serves on the Guest Faculty at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry and as a Regular Presenter at the Pankey Institute. He has served on the Boards of Directors of the Pankey Institute, National Association of Dental Laboratories, the Identalloy Council, the Foundation for Dental Laboratory Technology, St. Vincent DePaul’s Dental Center and the Dental Advisor. He lectures internationally on Leadership, Dental Sleep Medicine, TMD, Treatment Planning, and Occlusion.

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