The SnoreHook Splint


SnoreHook SplintNew Medicare-Approved Device is a Game-Changer for the Sleep Practice

Increasing laboratory fees, decreasing insurance reimbursement, costly remakes, lengthy turnaround times, and patient intolerance can significantly impact the operating costs and satisfaction of running a dental sleep practice.

The SnoreHook Splint, the new FDA-cleared and PDAC-approved device was designed to both minimize the cost and time invested in treating OSA. Combining the proven technology of an anteriorly positioned advancing hook mechanism with newly patented pre-engineered trays and thermoplastic adapting putty, the SnoreHook Splint allows a practitioner to fabricate a durable treatment device in-office in less than 30 minutes for approximately 15% of the typical lab fee. Other attractive features include:

  • Lifetime warranty on parts and components
  • Easily adjusted, modified or re-fit
  • Ideal as a “back-up” or interim device

Practitioners can request a free sample to fabricate one on themselves for valuable insight. Volume discounts are available. Visit to learn more.

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