Celebrating 15 Years of Growth and Learning

Editor’s intro: Founder/CEO of MedMark Media is celebrating 15 years and recalling what she has learned along the way.

Celebrating 15 years

As the publisher of Dental Sleep Practice, I have had so many opportunities to read, meet, and learn from “master teachers” — their wisdom comes from many fields, from dental KOLs to management gurus to technology and self-improvement. One of the ways that I keep their tenets in mind is through collecting meaningful quotes — one of my greatest passions. Quotes from Wayne Dyer, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Marianne Williamson, and Tony Robbins reflect where I’ve been and what I’ve achieved in my half century on this earth. Each insight, opinion, and perspective has served as an integral part of my own personal growth, as well as the growth of each of MedMark Media’s publications. In the coming year, MedMark Media celebrates its 15th birthday! It’s been a growth experience, not only for me, but also a time of growth, learning, and building relationships among our readers, authors, and advertisers.

This issue of Dental Sleep Practice includes Part 2 of our ADA/CE special feature and continuation of the interpretation of its policy statement. Articles in this section include topics such as how to define successful SRBD therapy, goals for surgical management of SRBD, how to effectively follow-up with SRBD patients, and the importance of keeping up with the latest research and education on SRBD. (We are always honored to be a part of that process.) Dr. John Pasicznyk shares his passion for incorporating technology into his practice for a better patient experience and expanding his services mix. He explains, “Treating those with sleep apnea and airway issues has shown me how critical the dentist is in our patient’s health, and dental technology has helped create awareness, drive faster and more accurate diagnosis, and provide higher quality outcomes.” With these articles, we strive to help nurture the clinical and business sides of your practices to reduce your stress and increase your success.

Fifteen years ago, MedMark Media’s home office was based here in my hometown of Scottsdale – my corporate headquarters was comprised of a make-shift office in my tiny second bedroom. My sole employee was a 17-year-old intern who found the job from a posting that one of my fellow publishing friends put up at one of the local colleges. I had a hopeful hunch that she would work out. Diving into contracts and paperwork, we shared a computer and a dream of producing a publication that mattered in the dental industry. Within that first year, my Arizona market held the top ranking out of about 12 markets at the time. And, amazingly, 15 years later, my first employee, Adrienne Good, is still a valued member of the much larger MedMark Media team that now has grown to include departments for editorial, production, advertising, and digital media.

I am fortunate to be a part of this beautiful “dental world,” and can honestly say that this industry, and the amazing people I’ve met within it, has literally saved my life. I found my niche, and for 15 years have been striving, along with my team, to help you find and cultivate your niches. We all continue to innovate and seek new ways to help our readers reach new personal and professional heights. Of course, as in any profession, there will be challenges, but we want to provide you with the tools to step back, take a deep breath, and think, “I got this.”

Feel free to contact us to share your ideas and articles. Along the way, I have had so many conversations and learned that everyone has a unique way of looking at the world and overcoming obstacles. We start this 15th year with hope, appreciation, and the knowledge that every day is an opportunity for learning.
Thank you for being a part of our journey.

To your best success!

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