Technology in the Sleep Practice

How do you use technology to assist your DSM practice? Did you use equipment already in place, or did adding the new service trigger new investment?

Every laboratory producing oral appliances for treating SRBD has a protocol for accepting digital impressions. Some send the files for printing, others print the models themselves, and a few labs are all digital, producing devices with no analog steps. The value of digital recording of physical details is becoming more apparent every year.

All mandibular advancement devices put forces on teeth and oral structures. Dentists are the only medical providers capable of judging the appropriateness of this therapy. Evaluation of teeth, bone support, and associated structures is a key component.

Sophisticated imaging such as CBCT reveals much more body structure than most dentists are trained to interpret. No physician orders an image outside their scope without a radiologist’s oversight.

For software, we…

Choices for office systems and billing services involve the entire team. How the office interacts with the patient, other providers, and insurance companies is directly affected by how documentation is created, stored, and accessed. Thankfully, there are many professional services established to help dental teams with creating the right systems for their practices.

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