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IDTF Sleep Centers and Guidelines

In this rapidly changing world of medical insurance and American Academy of Sleep Medicine and American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine guidelines, understanding the difference between types of sleep labs is imperative. Independent Diagnostic Test Facilities (IDTF) and sleep centers provide many of the same services, but have concurrent distinct differences dictated by Safe Harbor, Stark, and anti-kickback laws. Knowing the differences can impact the dental sleep practice. Sleep dentists are probably more familiar with independent diagnostic testing facilities. Most …

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Enhancing Retention of a 3-D Printed Nylon Sleep Apnea Appliance

by John Viviano, DDS, DABDSM By now most everyone practicing Sleep Dentistry has seen or handled a CAD-CAM sleep apnea appliance. Fabricated by a 3-D printer using a laser sintering process, these appliances are made of type 12 organic polyamide, better known as nylon; a material we simply don’t have much experience with in Dentistry. Despite the initial impression of seeming fragile due to minimal size and thickness, this material has demonstrated itself to be much more resilient then dental …

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