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The acquisition of Respire by DynaFlex is a pivotal moment for personalized, precision OAT for Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

DynaFlexPersonalized medicine tailors medical diagnostics and treatments to a patient’s unique characteristics, needs, and responses. Dentists excel at providing personalized precision care to address individual needs and desires.

With sleep study data and clinical insights, dentists identify targeted therapies for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), addressing specific obstructions and dental considerations driving the disease.

DynaFlex, a renowned leader in dental technology and solutions, has recently acquired Respire, the company behind the innovative Respire Pink AT, a groundbreaking oral appliance therapy for OSA. This strategic move by DynaFlex showcases their commitment to investing in cutting-edge technologies and being at the forefront of personalized, precision healthcare.

When looking to improve on this leading-edge design, David Walton, former CEO of Respire, notes the desire to continuously enhance the treatment for the benefit of the patient, emphasizing that “data-driven success and patient acceptance are paramount for OAT to become the leading therapy for OSA.”

Appliance selection remains our most powerful resource to ensure desired outcomes. In the last few years, the Respire Pink AT (Advanced Titration) Herbst has become one of the most effective appliances applicable for many patients due to several key innovations. The titration mechanism advances up to 7mm using a simple and continuous turning mechanism. The adjustment key has a user-friendly handle and patented technology ensures the screw does not turn back on itself during use. The measuring scale on the arm allows both the patient and the dentist to closely monitor jaw position.

The Respire Pink AT Micro has been meticulously refined to elevate patient comfort. We have been able to maintain all the current AT features, while creating one of the smallest PDAC approved hinges on the market. By reducing the length of the hinge by ~24% this prevents irritation of the commissures of the lip while the patient’s mandible is being advanced. This dedication to patient-centric design sets a new standard for oral appliance therapy.

Flexibility has been further expanded with the addition of an anterior fixing element, accommodating up to 4mm of further advancement (total potential advancement 8mm). Renowned Sleep Specialist Dr. Barry Chase notes, “this is rarely needed but it is great to have the option,” demonstrating the appliance’s versatility in catering to individual patient needs.

Knowing your options for appliance selection can provide you with the opportunity to deliver precision therapy for your sleep apnea patients. By partnering with an oral appliance manufacturer like DynaFlex, dentists have multiple options for OAT devices. This ensures that each patient receives tailored treatment according to their unique needs and preferences, ultimately fulfilling the vision of personalized medicine.

The acquisition of Respire by DynaFlex marks a pivotal moment in the field of personalized, precision OAT for Obstructive Sleep Apnea. With the Respire Pink AT Micro and DynaFlex’s steadfast commitment to innovation and investment in advanced technologies, dentists can anticipate achieving even better outcomes and providing improved patient experiences, reinforcing oral appliance therapy as a leading treatment option for OSA.

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