Choosing the Right OSA Device

Alex Buddemeyer writes how DynaFlex produces the four most commonly used oral devices to treat your sleep patients.

Milled DynaFlex Dorsal® (left), Milled DynaFlex Adjustable Herbst® (right)

“Which Sleep Device Should I Prescribe to My Patient?”

by Alex Buddemeyer, CDT

With over 200 different types of oral sleep devices used to treat obstructive sleep apnea in today’s market, it can be overwhelming for many practices to decide which to use. To give a simple answer, prescribing a sleep device can be determined by three main factors; is this a Medicare patient, do they have bruxism, and how many teeth do they have? Once you have the answer to these questions, determining the proper sleep device is easy.

DynaFlex® helps by keeping things simple for your practice by offering four of the most commonly used oral devices to treat your sleep patients: The DynaFlex Dorsal, The DynaFlex Adjustable Herbst, TAP® Devices, and EMA.

The DynaFlex Dorsal® design addresses concern many patients have with hinged devices. Due to its 2-piece design, It allows the patient to comfortably yawn, take a drink of water, and not feel locked in like some of the other hinged devices.

The DynaFlex Adjustable Herbst® device is one of only four designs that is PDAC approved for Medicare reimbursement. This device uses metal arms that attach the upper to the lower member making it a great design for bruxing patients.

The PDAC approved TAP® devices have the most documented studies available on a single sleep device. TAPs® have a fixed hinge, keeping the patient locked in and held forward through out the entirety of their sleep. The TAPS are great for patients missing posterior teeth since the hardware is placed in the anterior unlike the Dorsal, Herbst, or EMA.

The EMA is a popular choice due to its simple but effective design using vacuum formed trays with custom elastics to advance the mandible. With each elastic advancing the device by 1mm, it’s a no brainer to titrate the device.

When starting out and trying to select a device, keep it simple and ask yourself these questions. Does the patient need a Medicare approved device or do they brux? Herbst or TAP. Are they missing posterior teeth? TAP.  Do they need to be able to open their mouth? Dorsal. Need something simple? EMA

Start helping your community sleep better today.

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As telemedicine becomes more popular, DynaFlex makes treating OSA easier with the At Home Impression kit. Read more about it here:

DynaFlexAlex Buddemeyer is a Certified Dental Technician (CDT) and manager of the state-of-the-art Sleep Device Laboratory at DynaFlex. With a degree in Dental Technology and more than 11 years of experience in dental sleep medicine, Alex is able to advise the best way to handle even the most unique cases, as well as ensure your patients are receiving the highest quality sleep devices available on the market today.

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