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See how the DynaFlex home impression kit helps clinicians expand their telemedicine options.


DynaFlex® is your partner in telemedicine. Whether your sleep practice is looking for a telehealth platform or you have been using telemedicine since the beginning of the pandemic, DynaFlex® is making it easier than ever with our new At Home Impression Kit. Now, more than ever doctors are turning to telemedicine in order to treat patients. This includes the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Since the beginning of Covid-19, DynaFlex has been working to make our At Home Impression Kit a seamless integration into any office workflow.

“DynaFlex pivoted during Covid when other labs were shutting down. My patients and company never skipped a beat. They helped me tremendously by developing an all-inone impression box mailed to patients; where patients still felt safe and we could help them with their sleep apnea needs.”
– Chad Denman, DDS
Sleep Cycle Center

The At Home Impression Kit is now available on our new Anti-snoring and Sleep Apnea Lab Rx and through our proprietary software, DynaFusion®. It’s a simple process that delivers real impact.

At Home Impression Kit

  • Rx Ordered
  • Easy to Follow Instructions
  • Device Can be Delivered to Home or Doctor’s Office
  • Exclusively at DynaFlex®

During an initial consultation, the doctor can order the At Home Impression Kit and at the same time, select the type of device which is best for their patient. DynaFlex® ships the At Home Impression Kit directly to your patient at no additional charge through UPS. Within two to three business days the patient receives the At Home Impression Kit with instructions or video conference provided by the prescribing doctor.

The patient can then take their impressions and protrusive bite registration in the comfort and safety of their own home. Once all of the records are taken, the patient uses the provided sticker to seal the At Home Impression Kit box. A Business Reply Label is provided on the box for patient convenience.

Once DynaFlex® receives the At Home Impression Kit we begin fabrication of the device. Our patented Accu-Fit™ material fits first time, every time making it optimal for an in-home delivery of an OSA device. Once the OSA device is fabricated, DynaFlex® will ship the device to the office or to the patient to be delivered with instructions through video conference with the prescribing doctor.

Provided in the DynaFlex® At Home Impression Kit are size medium, large and extra-large impression trays. Also included is one edge to edge bite fork used to obtain a bite registration along with four putty packs, one for each arch, one for the bite fork, and one extra for ‘just in case’ situations. We’re innovating to provide you solutions so you and your patients can sleep at night.

Alicia R. Jackson, DDS, of BlueSleep states, “Since I have partnered with Dyna-Flex for my telemedicine platform, I have been able to seamlessly and successfully expand and grow my Telemedicine practice. Not to mention how much my patients love being able to take their impression in the comfort of their own home. I would recommend reaching out to DynaFlex if you are interested in implementing or expanding a Telemedicine platform of your own.”

For more information, call 800.489.4020 or visit www.dynaflex.com.

DynaFlex offers other products that improve life for sleep apnea patients. Read about the DynaFlex Accu-Fit liner here: https://dentalsleeppractice.com/pending-restorative-work-but-need-oral-appliance-therapy/

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