Pending Restorative Work But Need Oral Appliance Therapy?

The DynaFlex® Accu-Fit™ liner fits new restorative work and allows adaptations, avoiding costly remakes. Find out more here.

All practices, even full-time sleep practices, have patients that present for sleep apnea treatment while in the process of having restorative dentistry done. Doctors usually have a hard-acrylic sleep device made so they can retro-fit the device to the restorative work, once completed by their dentist at a later date. This is very labor intensive, distorts the integrity of the OSA device, and requires valuable chair time that could be spent with new patients. So, how do practices avoid or eliminate these costly remakes and still get the patient an oral device that will work in these restorative cases?

DynaFlex® Accu-Fit™ liner
Figure 1: DynaFlex Milled Adjustable Herbst – Accu-Fit

DynaFlex has the answer – a patented thermal-plastic liner called “Accu-Fit™.” The DynaFlex® Accu-Fit™ liner is easily adaptable (and re-adaptable) to fit new restorative work. This liner allows adaptation in mere seconds rather than minutes or hours.

Simply take your impressions or scans and a bite, like usual. On the Rx you are submitting with the case, indicate which teeth are going to be implanted or restored. DynaFlex’s state-of-the-art Dental Sleep Medicine Laboratory will then add temporary pontics to the areas that have no remaining teeth in place or build up the current tooth or teeth for future restorations. This gives the extra space needed for those future restorations and avoids having to grind or manipulate the sleep device, saving a tremendous amount of chair time while avoiding costly remakes. Our skilled technicians are trained to adequately adapt the device as needed and will leave necessary spacing around the dentition to allow for further re-fitting capabilities. The DynaFlex® Accu-Fit™ material is so advanced and malleable that you can even retro-fit over a 3-4-unit bridge within a matter of seconds. It’s the ultimate material/appliance combination for your patients in the process of getting restorative work done or planning to do so in the near future.

DynaFlex® Accu-Fit™ liner
Figure 2: DynaFlex Milled Dorsal – Accu-Fit

The DynaFlex Accu-Fit™ liner can be applied to both the Adjustable Herbst (Fig. 1) and the DynaFlex® Dorsal devices (Fig. 2), including our CAD/CAM Milled Devices. The device already comes pre-fitted to the working models, making delivery as simple as possible. We recommend placing the liner in 160-degree water for 5-7 seconds to soften the material for a smooth path of insertion.

Patients with retention concerns or significant crowding are also great candidates for a device with the Accu-Fit™ liner, allowing for a smooth and secure fit. No matter the circumstance, DynaFlex® Accu-Fit™ liner gives your office the confidence of knowing that your sleep apnea patients will be leaving with a perfectly fitting device the day of delivery.

DynaFlex® Accu-Fit™ liner is beneficial for restorative situations. Dynaflex also offers other types of devices for oral sleep appliance management. Read about the DynaFlex Dorsal® Accu-Fit Appliance here:

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