Panthera Dental Launches 5 New Products and Solutions during its US Grand Opening

Panthera Dental Launches 5 New Products and Solutions
during its US Grand Opening

panthera-dentalQuebec City, Canada – June 1, 2015 – Panthera Dental is proud to add 5 new solutions to its
range of products in order to continually increase the customer service experience. Panthera
Dental is known to oer the highest quality in customized implant bars and it is in keeping with
this quality commitment that .STL les are now accepted at Panthera Dental. This means you
can design and send your own .STL les of implant bars using 3Shape technology to Panthera
By simply installing the .dme conguration le from Panthera Dental, you will have access to a
3Shape Inbox, which makes the workow simple and easy.
Always innovating in regards to the digital aspect of new products, Panthera Dental is starting
to mill custom abutments. The Perfect Abutment is milled from a block of raw material – not
from a pre-milled blank. Hence, Panthera is able to oer a competitive price and still maintain
the high accuracy it is known for. By using 3Shape technology once again, customers will be
able to scan and design their abutments and send them to Panthera Dental.
In regards to its implant bar line, Panthera has created a new type of Dolder bar: the Dolder ++.
This new design of Dolder will go down to follow soft tissues at an equal distance using a new
type of rider made out of palladium.
Also, the ReBourke concept bar has evolved into a brand new product. Indeed, Panthera Dental
has developed the ReBourke PINK. We used the same eective concept including a 25-degree
angulation, but this time, the bar is made of pink-colored zirconia and the double structure is
made out of PEEK. Also, Panthera Dental will give 100$ for each ReBourke PINK bars sold to ght
against breast cancer.
Moreover, Panthera Dental will now incorporate the DentiTrac compliance chip by Braebon into
the Digital-Sleep Apnea Device (D-SAD). This option will allow dentists and physicians to track
the compliance of their patients online and this feature will indicate the percentage of sleep in
supine position the patients have. This way, the Panthera solution will accommodate individuals
who need this kind of information such as truck drivers, pilots, heavy equipment operators, etc.
“By presenting 5 new products and solutions today, we want to show the market that Panthera
Dental is a leader in terms of innovation that will always try to get the proper product for the proper
market. I am very proud of my team and I am thrilled by all the other ongoing projects,” said Bernard
Robichaud, co-founder of Panthera Dental.
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