OraCoat® XyliGel® Assists Brace Wearers in Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene

Non-Acidic Soothing Gel Reduces New Plaque Buildup in Patients with Braces

Bellevue, WA (May 23, 2017) – OraCoat® XyliGel® helps reduce plaque and new cavities in brace wearers experiencing food and plaque buildup. The soothing gel acts as a buffer to neutralize harmful acids and works synergistically with a regular cleaning regimen to help preserve good oral hygiene while a patient wears braces.

Brace patients often face the development of tooth decay as a result of food and plaque forming between their brackets and wires. Although brushing and flossing are recommended to combat this issue, food particles may continue to linger, increasing the likelihood of new cavities.

By applying XyliGel between the brackets daily, brace wearers can help prevent new cavities. XyliGel helps to neutralize acids in the mouth with a pH of 7.4 and coats the mouth with xylitol to reduce new plaque formation. “For brace wearers, XyliGel is the perfect complement to regular cleaning,” stated Jeff Haley, OraHealth Corporation Founder, President, and Chief Scientist. “Consistent brushing and flossing after meals can eliminate some buildup; however, regular application of XyliGel greatly aids brace wearers in maintaining good oral hygiene.”

Effective for both daytime and nighttime use, XyliGel increases saliva production and coats the mouth and lips to help relieve dry mouth and reduce new plaque formation. The gel reduces plaque and acidity in the mouth.* XyliGel is the newest member of the OraCoat brand family of products which includes its flagship product, XyliMelts® oral adhering discs for dry mouth.

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