Ez Sleep In-Home Testing and Airway Management announce new partnership

Carrollton TX, March 15, 2017:  Ez Sleep, one of the leading home sleep testing (HST) service providers in the nation, has announced a new partnership with Airway Management, manufacturer of the famous TAP™ appliances.

Ez Sleep is incorporating the myTAP into their popular “Love at first Bite™” program.  This program provides a free myTAP trial appliance for every completed Ez Sleep In-Home Efficacy Test.  The doctor can quickly determine if oral appliance therapy is indicated for the patient at a very low cost.  Elizabeth Tietjen, EzSleep’s Chief Innovation Officer says: “We are excited to partner with Airway Management to distribute the myTAP to Ez Sleep clients. The myTAP can be delivered to patients at a key inflection point- upon reviewing the sleep study results. With it’s precision fitting in 15 minutes, comfort and durability, it is a great tool for Dentists to take immediate action to start therapy. ”

The myTAP is based on the most effective oral appliance on the market, the famous TAP appliance.  With 20 years of peer reviewed studies proving efficacy in treatment, the myTAP is the leader in pre-fabricated, chairside mandibular advancement devices.  The trays are made from an innovative plastic that becomes soft when heated and is molded to the teeth for a precise fit.  The thin sleep trays create a comfortable, low profile appliance with 20mm of protrusion range.

We believe myTAP is the right product at the right time…. every Dentist doing Sleep Medicine should have it in their toolkit,” states Keith Woods, CEO of EzSleep In-Home Testing.

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