Coaching and Consulting Can Help You Offer Services for Pain and Sleep

Ben-Pat Institute helps you to take the next step on your dental practice’s pain and sleep journey with hands-on education, coaching, and consulting.

Ben-Pat Institute
Session 2 of our Pain and Sleep Mini Residency.

For every 100 people with obstructive sleep apnea, 80 don’t even know they have the condition. Similarly, while temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) is the second most commonly occurring musculoskeletal condition that affects up to 12% of the population, only about half of those with TMD will actually seek treatment. This is where dentists can play an important role. But how can you best prepare yourself for offering services in these areas? Continuing education, coaching and consulting.

Ben-Pat Institute offers a variety of continuing education courses that help dental teams better care for patients with TMD or sleep apnea. This is especially important because complications may arise when managing patients with these disorders with devices like oral appliances. Having a foundational understanding of oral appliance therapy gives you confidence to deal with such troubles and can also help your patients become more compliant with treatment.

Taking a comprehensive program in pain and sleep allows dentists to take in the knowledge base needed to appreciate the clinical presentation of patients new to the office and during treatment. We chose a case-based didactic learning style for our courses and consulting because it helps dentists and their care teams have a clear understanding of the examination and diagnosis process as well as the treatment plan. Everything is intertwined and we want to make sure you understand it all.

Ben-Pat Institute
Dr. Bennett demonstrating on taking a bite for appliance fabrication.

At Ben-Pat Institute, it is our goal to help dentists build confidence in diagnostic skills and with preparing and understanding treatment plans. With an in-office hands-on component, dentists gain the skills they need to successfully implement pain and sleep treatment concepts in the comfort of their clinical practice. After all, the best way to make a new service real is to go beyond education to consulting to get a better look and feel for the flow of your clinical practice.

Coaching and consulting can help raise awareness and improve the implementation of dental sleep medicine and/or TMD into your office by:

  • Creating systems for identifying and diagnosing patients.
  • Developing a network of referrals from your healthcare community.
  • Implementing collateral marketing and educational material
  • Including your staff as a well-rounded team.

It’s time to take the next step in your dental practice’s pain and sleep journey with hands on education, coaching and consulting.

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