A Masterpiece in the Landscape of Patient-Centered Education

Pat Mc Bride reviews Empowered Sleep Apnea by David McCarty, MD, FAASM, and Ellen Stothard, PhD, a book that provides information about obstructive sleep apnea to doctors and patients in a way that Mc Bride calls, “a masterpiece in the landscape of patient-centered education.”

Empowered Sleep ApneaA book review by Pat Mc Bride, PhD, CCSH

“This book is a marvel. Don’t let the friendly tone fool you. Empowered Sleep Apnea is serious patient-centered teaching, presented in such an engaging way, you hardly realize it when you’ve learned something. It is visually stunning, intellectually engaging, and transports the reader on a unbiased life changing journey of understanding, empathy, and respect for one of our most serious and misunderstood major health problems, obstructive sleep apnea. Deconstructing the siloed thinking of modern sleep medicine algorithms and corporatized practitioners, McCarty and Stothard gracefully guide readers from isolation to collaboration then empowerment; be they the physician or patient. There will be more than a few people who see themselves in the iconic cartoons – it’s okay to laugh at ourselves sometimes too! No one is left behind in this rare compendium that knows no demographic bias. It is for everyone.

McCarty and Stothard’s magical Island is a safe and empowering place to be, and the geography they describe erases borders in Sleep Apnea management. This wondrous patient-centered space is available to all providers caring for this complex disorder.

Whether you are a Sleep Medicine specialist, an Airway-Centered Dentist, a sleep psychologist, or a primary care physician, you’ll enjoy bonding with your patient over this book, all while helping them discover better sleep and better health. Empowered Sleep Apnea is a masterpiece in the landscape of patient-centered education.

Besides writing Empowered Sleep Apnea, Dr. McCarty has written for DSP on the many facets of OSA. Read his article, “There is No OSFA: How the Many Moving Parts of Sleep Apnea Demands Precision Medicine,” here: https://dentalsleeppractice.com/there-is-no-osfa-how-the-many-moving-parts-of-sleep-apnea-demands-precision-medicine/

Empowered Sleep ApneaPat Mc Bride, PhD, CCSH, has spent 38 years as a full time clinician, educator, and author in the fields of dentistry, respiratory medicine, and dental sleep medicine. Her extensive experience in clinical, laboratory, research, and educational arenas has led to the development of interdisciplinary care model delivery systems used in collaboration by physicians and dentists around the globe. Pat has a unique ability to intervene in the interstices of global systems, developing protocols which can be translated across demographics and cultures into improved clinical outcomes. In addition to teaching and writing, Pat continues to work hands on in the patient care arena. Serving the underserved and marginalized patient remains a passion and priority for her. She sits on numerous Boards such as the AAPMD and is the Executive Director for The Foundation for Airway Health. She has one grown daughter who shares her passion for social justice and education, serving as a sixth grade teacher in the inner city Oakland.

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