Why Can’t We Clone Jagdeep?

You’ll have a hard time finding a physician that advocates Oral Appliance Therapy with the alacrity of Jagdeep Bijwadia, MD. He can’t do cartwheels, but he shares some thought-provoking perspectives on the quest to improve multi-disciplinary collaboration, patient shame regarding CPAP non-adherence, and the future of telemedicine in sleep medicine.


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Physicians have reservations about Oral Appliance Therapy and, historically, they have had good reasons. Unhygienic appliances, poor efficacy, discomfort, side effects and lack of collaboration with medicine have compromised the relationship. Recent advances in precision engineered designs, telemedicine and improvements in materials and manufacturing are changing all that. With ProSomnus Therapy, you have state of the art precision medical devices that physicians love. If you want to work with medicine, and do more Dental Sleep, choose ProSomnus Sleep Technologies.
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