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Overcoming Barriers to Case Acceptance

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Presented by Dr. Marc Newman, DDS and Donna Cockerille

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About The Webinar

Money is by far one of the biggest hurdles for dental sleep medicine. When presented with a diagnosis, most patients agree they need treatment, but things can get sticky once Medical Insurance is involved. Join Dr. Marc Newman, DDS and Donna Cockerille as they discuss strategies to overcome these barriers.

About The Presenters

Dr. Marc Newman

Dr. Marc Newman

Dr. Marc Newman, DDS graduated with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 2011 from Indiana University School Of Dentistry. He has been practicing general dentistry for 11 years Newman Family Dentistry and dental sleep medicine for 9 years at Newman Dental Sleep Medicine.

Dr. Marc Newman is a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM) and Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorder Disciplines (ACSDD). These non-profit professional associations are dedicated exclusively to the practice of dental sleep medicine.


Donna Cockerille

Donna Cockerille is the Chief Operations Officer at the Airway Institute of Reston in Reston, VA. She began her long career in the dental field as a dental assistant, moving into clinical department head, then into management. She is Fortune Management and Total Patient Services (Steve Anderson) trained in practice systems and management.

Her passion for sleep apnea started when she almost lost her sister to medical complications from undiagnosed Sleep Apnea. Donna’s goal is to educate patients about the dangers of sleep apnea and save as many lives as possible.

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Nexus Dental Systems

Nexus Dental Systems is the only company in the market with a true end-to-end solution. Our conglomerate has the B2B expertise that fulfills the needs of a dental practice to: Identify, Screen, Treat and Monitor Sleep Treatment Compliance for Oral Appliance Therapy. Our mission is to raise public awareness of sleep apnea, train dentists to implement dental sleep medicine, create sleep apnea programs for the industry, and connect patients with providers by creating sustainable and resilient systems for providers and the public.

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