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Bite Registration for Oral Appliances to Treat Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders

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Kettenbach Webinar - Oct 2020

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About The Webinar

How and where do you decide the proper starting position for oral appliance therapy used to treat a Sleep-Related Breathing Disorder?

CE Learning Objectives

  • Vertical and horizontal components to taking a bite registration for an oral appliance
  • Understanding treatment options
  • The importance of taking the proper bite registration
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About The Presenter

Dr John Tucker

Dr. Tucker has maintained a private practice for almost 40 years, as well as lecturing throughout the nation. He holds six dental patents and founded Erie Dental Sleep Therapy, LLC in 2007. He was named one of the Best Sleep Doctors in 2012 & 2013 by the Sleep Review Journals for Sleep Specialist.

About the Sponsor

Kettenbach is best known for dental impression materials technology. In addition to classic silicone impression materials, Kettenbach also offers a developing technology base in restorative resins designed to simplify dental practice routines. And most recently, Kettenbach acquired the Airway Metrics system which assists the office in identifying an ideal bite position for the desired oral sleep appliance. Kettenbach is dedicated to providing dental professionals with high quality, world class engineered and superior dental materials. Visit

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