Teledentistry Brings HealthyStart Home

HealthyStart/Ortho-Tain system offers the tools to address oral deficiencies that can affect sleep. It combines teledentistry with in-office visits.

by Brooke Stevens

Pediatric Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB) is a silent epidemic that affects the overall health of children. In this current climate that sees families and our nation contending with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is imperative to focus on the practice of optimal health and the prevention of disease. Parents are focusing on sanitization and practicing social distancing, but are parents looking at the current health issues of their children that may be affecting their ability to attain optimal health?

SDB is a condition that can impact the immune, endocrinal, hormonal, and neurological systems. Research shows that 9 out of 10 children exhibit one or more outward symptoms of SDB (Stevens et al, 2016). Providing education for parents and medical professionals is crucial.

Treated with the HealthyStart system

Our goal is to educate and train dental professionals to understand the critical role they play in identifying and treating this epidemic in pediatric patients. For over 53 years, HealthyStart/Ortho-Tain has studied and treated more than 4,000,000 patients, which has contributed in shaping and executing a system of expertise that is able to effectively treat many of the underlying root causes of this condition.

The initial tools that HealthyStart provides include a comprehensive sleep and speech questionnaire that identifies mouth breathing, snoring, ADHD, bed-wetting and many others, as well as the degree of severity of these conditions. A further evaluation of the underlying root causes can determine a child’s oral deficiencies, including lack of growth and development, improper oral habits, and treatment of the orthodontic conditions.

The HealthyStart’s unique system is comprised of a series of specially designed appliances that efficiently and effectively address these deficiencies. The HealthyStart system is easy to implement in any office and requires far less chair time than traditional orthodontics. It has become increasingly necessary for doctors to be able to utilize teledentistry to ensure “non-emergent” patient care continues regardless of any national emergency. The HealthyStart system can easily be integrated with a combination of in-office visits, as well as via teledentistry. This option allows the doctor to fill valuable chair time for other patients and improve access and convenience of care for patients. Teledentistry can also give patients improved access to education and information about their oral condition.

The HealthyStart offers a digital education series that educates doctors and their offices on the HealthyStart system, implementation of both in office and teledentistry protocols, hands-on treatment and interactive study groups, all to provide top of the line care to your patients. Visit to sign up now and educate your patients and your community with advanced technology in treating every child’s overall health.

HealthyStart/Ortho-Tain system provides an effective treatment for the root cause of sleep issues. Check out this in-depth look at the system here:

Brooke Stevens is in research and development for HealthyStart.

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