TAP with AccuTherm Trays: Fits the first time, every time…without a handpiece

AccuThermIn the history of dental appliances and restorations, there has always been one issue that never seems to go away – Fit. No matter how great the restoration or appliance is, if it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t work. Since we work in microns, the task is difficult.

Over the years, analog impression materials have evolved and proven to be very accurate, as long as you follow the instructions perfectly and don’t have a gagger or high-saliva patient. Of course, full arch impressions required for mandibular advancement devices are the most difficult.

Digital impressions (scans) have some unique positive attributes and can also yield excellent results, but the software must stitch together images, which requires an algorithm to interpolate the photos and create virtual surfaces. This process can result in small inaccuracies. Since full arch scans require the most interpolations, they are the most prone to fit issues.

Introducing AccuTherm™

The latest invention from Airway Management eliminates fit issues. Here’s the lowdown: AMI has created a new tray disc with a thin layer of our ThermAcryl® heat activated thermoplastic factory laminated to a PET-G (Polycarbonate) shell. The trays are precisely adapted to the models with air pressure in the lab. Then the final fit, and any adjustment required, are done by simply warming the fitted tray in hot water. No handpiece needed.  Once the ThermAcryl® material becomes clear and soft, insertion into the patients mouth yields a custom, perfect fit with great retention.

If any adjustments need to be made, all you need is hot water!

The total thickness of the tray is about 3.1 mm, making AccuTherm™ one of the thinnest trays in the industry. It is very comfortable and small in the mouth and is 20% thinner than our popular triple laminate (TL) trays!
The process does NOT require any CAD/CAM equipment investment, no milling machines, no 3D printers, no expensive models, no chairside digital scanners. Nothing new to learn. It’s a simple solution that insures every appliance fits the first time.  The simplicity will inspire confidence when using oral appliances for your staff and patients.

AccuThermAs if that wasn’t enough, consider these other cool features:

  • New crowns: no worries. Just heat the trays in hot water and refit.
  • You can add a small amount of additional ThermAcryl as needed
  • Double thick Polycarbonate shells have been proven to be very durable over the last 10 years
  • The Snap Fit with AccuTherm makes this tray a superior choice for retention.
  • It flexes over undercuts and sticks the seating
  • 100% custom fit in the chair – With no handpiece.
  • Train the Staff: Use www.TAP.wiki, the clinical educational site for all things TAP.

AccuTherm™ will be available as a tray option for all TAP appliances beginning May 2019. Contact Airway Management at 866-264-7667 or email contact AMI@amisleep.com for more information.
To learn more about Airway Management’s TAP Sleep Care System, check out this article!

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