A Story of Progress and Adaptation: the Panthera D-SAD

product_Profile_fig1The Panthera Digital – Sleep Apnea Device (Panthera D-SAD) is the second-generation of the world’s first CAD/CAM appliance. Jean Robichaud, R.D.T., is the genius behind this invention. In 2006, with his company Biocad, he created the world’s first software to design dental sleep apnea devices. In 2012, Jean Robichaud’s two sons, Bernard and Gabriel, designed a new software application using the latest technology in order to offer an improved version of the first-generation oral appliance. Thanks to this advanced design tool, the Panthera D-SAD offers more options than ever regarding the design of bands and plates for occlusal contact. Moreover, the design of the first-generation device was greatly improved with a new patent-pending mechanism that connects the retentive rods to the appliance so that they never disengage during sleep. These rods are supple yet resistant, so they are also suitable for patients with bruxism. Another advantage of the new software is a better control over the retention of the splints. Instead of determining the retention over a group of teeth, the new software calculates it for each tooth, thus making the appliance suitable for a broader range of patients.
The appliance is manufactured using an industrial 3D printer and made of an incredible material. The type 12 organic polyamide is a biocompatible hydrophobic nylon. Polyamide possesses a distinctive feature: it remains very resistant to failure of every kind, even when very thin.
Developing the software system enabled Panthera Dental to adapt the appliance effectively and develop it according to the needs of its customers. This year Canadian customers can now benefit from the Braebon DentiTrac integrated in the Panthera D-SAD (awaiting FDA approval for the US market). With this sensor, dentists and physicians can now track the compliance of their patients and also monitor the position in which they sleep. This is a game changer for unions and the transport industry.
However, the greatest addition to the design software application this year is its compatibility with intra-oral scanning. There is no need for regular dental impressions anymore. With intra-oral scanning, we improve the customer experience while increasing the accuracy and the quality of our product. Indeed, we avoid bubbles and porosity in plaster models, which are common and may cause issues regarding the fit of the device.
The Panthera D-SAD is available world-wide and comes with a 5-year warranty, the longest warranty available on the market for dental sleep appliances.

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