Sleep Disordered Breathing in the Pediatric Population is a Silent Epidemic

9 out of 10 children exhibit at least one symptom! The goal is for dental and medical professionals to evaluate airway and breathing issues in every patient. This type of evaluation can occur by providing a Healthy Start sleep questionnaire to every patient. Many states require a school physical and a dental exam prior to the beginning of school. This is a perfect time to include the Healthy Start sleep questionnaire in the examination paperwork.

A suggested treatment and evaluation regimen:

Treatment Protocol

  • Sleep Questionnaire
  • Sleep study (clinical or home sleep study test)
  • Evaluation of tonsils and adenoids
  • Assessment of Growth and Development
  • Airway analysis
  • Correction of poor Oral Habits
  • Expanding narrow dental arches
  • Training away from mouth breathing

Expectations with treatment

  • Permanent results with early treatment
  • Expanded dental arches
  • Less crowding of teeth
  • Proper tongue position habits
  • Development of proper swallowing habits
  • Correcting improper skeletal jaw relation
  • Promote proper airway growth
  • Dental and Medical Insurance coverage

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June 8, 2017 – “The Dental Connection to Children affected by Sleep Disordered Breathing” Dr. Anthony Marino, DDS, MS, an expert in Orthodontics.

July 13, 2017 – “What do ADD/ADHD, Bed-Wetting, Mouth Breathing and Crooked / Crowded Teeth have in common?” Premier Healthy Start Provider Dr. Diana Batoon, DMD.

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