Free Webinar: Bridging the Medical-Dental Gap: Treating Airway, Malocclusion and Sleep Disorders

Webinar Host: Steve Carstensen, DDS and Guest Presenter Payam Ataii, DMD


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Webinar: EZSLeep Apnea Guard - Dec 2015

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About The Webinar

What is the relationship between airway, malocclusion, and sleep disorders?

This webinar will provide guidance in managing and overcoming hurdles for complex patients who present with multiple medical and dental conditions. Discussion topics include OSA and Upper-Airway Resistance Syndrome (UARS), minor tooth movements using clear aligners, technology, and partners with turnkey solutions.

About The Presenter


Dr. Payam Ataii is an award winning graduate of Tufts Dental School who has treated more than a thousand patients with clear aligners and sleep oral appliances as mono and combo- therapies at his private practice in Laguna Hills, California. Dr. Ataii has been an Invisalign faculty member for more than 10 years and recently awarded the North America Educator of the Year in 2016.

As an author, Dr. Ataii has been published in national and international peer-reviewed publications, as well as mainstream press and television. Over the years, Dr. Ataii has presented lectures to thousands of his peers, sharing the results of his research and his innovative practice growth techniques. Dr. Ataii has developed and continues to develop solutions to improve and simplify how dentistry is delivered to patients. Currently, Dr. Ataii serves on multiple company boards and is a recognized key opinion leader.

About the Sponsor

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