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Lisa Moler and the MedMark team are ready to bring you innovative ideas and cutting-edge technologies in 2021!

Lisa Moler
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So here we are in 2021. While the challenges of 2020 have not completely disappeared, we can definitely see healing and hope on the horizon. Personally, I am energized – looking forward to seeing all of you at in-person conferences and meetings, setting new goals, and finishing some that were put on hold.

What does this mean for MedMark and all of its publications? Since we thrive when you thrive, it means that we need you to share all of your thoughts with us. During the pandemic shutdowns, what ideas did you have for improving your office procedures and your clinical protocols when you returned? What are you doing to make those plans into actions? How are you focusing your renewed energy into more thriving practices? What were your challenges, and how are you going to make your practices more resistant to future forces that can get in the way of forward movement?

We want to be the publication that brings you new techniques, cutting-edge technologies, innovative products, and articles that start conversations about how your dental talents can change lives for the better. Because of our readers, people overcome life-threatening sleep disorders, teenagers can smile without being self-conscious, and adults can obtain some orthodontic, implant, and endodontic treatments that weren’t even an option when they were teens. As we discover and spotlight new products and techniques, patients will not think of their dentist as just doing a root canal or implant but as being synonymous with healing and overall good health.

In this issue of Dental Sleep Practice, we have a CE article on the effectiveness of Oral Appliance Therapy compared to Positive Airway Pressure. This article offers insights into how physicians and dentists can work collaboratively to provide the best solution for individualized patient care. Our cover story discusses the ProSomnus® EVO™, a new FDA-cleared oral appliance medical device engineered to address the challenge for a better sleep breathing tool. This OAT uses patented and proprietary innovations to resolve many of the issues inherent in other appliances. Our Clinical Focus explores the AADSM’s position on home sleep apnea tests and how clinicians can use their training, common interactions with patients, and a collaborative model of care to be impactful and help medical colleagues and patients. These articles all have a common goal – uniting the profession in reducing the number of undiagnosed and untreated people with sleep apnea.

We greet 2021 with so much hope, ideas, and energy. The MedMark team is ready to help you reach positive goals that exceed your expectations. With articles written by experienced and knowledgeable dental leaders and advertisements from technology and service leaders that involve all areas of dentistry, we aspire to be part of your healing, a source of your inspiration, and a vehicle for your success!

MedMark is always looking for new ideas to make your practice more successful. Check out our sleep practice webinars to increase your knowledge and ability to improve your patients’ quality of life!

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