SomnoMed’s Medical Initiative Addresses Ongoing CPAP Supply Issues with Medical and Dental Sleep Provider Collaborations

Plano, TX: In light of recent news of Philips’ indefinite halt of sales of CPAP devices in the US “in the coming years”, SomnoMed reaffirms its dedication to mitigating the PAP supply issue through our Medical Initiative. For the past three years, SomnoMed has strategically focused on awareness, education, and adoption of oral appliance therapy for prescribing physicians as an effective, patient-preferred approach to treating patients with mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). “As an ENT surgeon, we hope to reduce if not eliminate obstruction leading to hypopnea and apnea,” remarks Jean-Maria Langley, DO FAOCO-HNS. “With SomnoMed’s help, we’ve built a strong collaboration with our sleep dentistry team to integrate oral appliance therapy to treat our patients’ upper airway obstruction, increase compliance to treatment, and reduce comorbidities associated with obstructive sleep apnea.”

This targeted approach is grounded in the current landscape of clinical data, which robustly supports the use of oral appliance therapy (OAT) for the millions of mild to moderate patients who are seeking a more comfortable, effective treatment option that suits their lifestyle. SomnoMed’s mission through initiatives like the Medical Initiative and the Sleep Summit, coupled with our SomTeam of passionate sales professionals throughout North America, is to continue to build collaborative treatment pathways between sleep physicians and our highly skilled customer base of dental sleep professionals. Dental sleep provider, Carrie Sessom, DDS, D-ASBA says: “The impact of SomnoMed’s Medical Initiative has been multifold. It has brought to light the importance of medical/dental collaboration and the value of personal relationships between physicians and dental sleep providers, putting oral appliance therapy front and center as an effective, preferred patient therapy for more and more medical prescribers. It’s certainly helping to ease the CPAP supply pinch.”

“We’re optimizing OAT treatment accessibility for the millions of patients suffering from mild to moderate OSA”, says Matt Conlon, Executive Vice President, SomnoMed North America. “And in light of certain PAP supply challenges for years to come, we’re committed to helping more physicians consider oral appliance therapy as a patient preferred, effective treatment solution for their patients.” Having helped treat 860,000 patients globally with oral appliances of the highest quality with a First Time Fit™ promise, the greatest comfort with our proprietary b-flex Comfort Liner™, and unsurpassed durability supported by the industry’s only full 5-year warranty, we invite physicians and dental sleep providers to look to SomnoMed to help Treat More OSA Patients, More Effectively.

SomnoMed is the global leader in Oral Appliance Therapy, operating in 28 countries and helping treat over 860,000 patients to date. SomnoMed’s Medical Initiative brings oral appliance therapy awareness and education to sleep physicians by highlighting OAT as the right treatment for the right patient and, most importantly, fosters collabortive treatment partnerships and frictionless treatment pathways with highly skilled OAT dental professionals. SomnoMed is known for First Time Fit™ quality, comfort, and durability, employing the most advanced precision manufacturing methods. We provide the industry’s only full five year warranty on our SomnoDent® Herbst Advance Elite™, and our SomnoDent® Avant™ supplies ultimate comfort for long-term compliance. Both feature our proprietary inner b-flex Comfort Liner™. Together, let’s lead the way in Treating More OSA Patients, More Effectively!

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