Productive Dentist Academy Lifts Executive Leadership to Help Level the Playing Field for Independent Dentist

[Anacortes, WA, May 16, 2022]. Productive Dentist Academy (PDA), the leading dental consulting and marketing firm in the nation, announces the addition of Dr. David Porritt as Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) and Deni Hall, MBA, as Chief People Officer (CPO).

Chief Strategy Officer, Dr. David Porritt

As Chief Strategy Officer, Dr. David Porritt brings more than two decades of strategic dental business experience to PDA. He is also the founder and president of DSP Capital Partners, LLC, a management and capital acquisition consultancy specializing in assisting dental start-ups and growing companies that deliver dental products and services to the market.

“David is a highly regarded educational advocate of dentists,” said Dr. Victoria Peterson, co-founder & CEO of PDA. “His doctorate in business arms PDA with proven insights that support our mission of leveling the playing field for independent dental practice owners. Dr. Porritt’s role as CSO is to support the evolution of PDA’s business platform so dentists can optimize profitability, improve the patient experience, and align their team with the vision of the practice.”

“It is not fair that dentists do not have a level playing field competing with DSOs,” said Porritt. “I have joined with PDA to support private practicing dentists, so they can gain a competitive advantage, make confident decisions as a business leader, re-engage their passion, and build long-term value.”

Dr. Porritt received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Business Administration degrees from Capella University, and his Doctor of Business Administration from Trident University International.

Deni Hall, MBA, Chief People Officer

Deni Hall, MBA, serves as PDA’s Chief People Officer. As part of the company since June, 2021, Ms. Hall provides the architecture, and is tasked with aligning talent and culture of the company to support the strategic vision.

“Some leaders ask, ‘Can kindness and accountability thrive within the same company?’ Deni proves that without kindness there is no accountability,” said Peterson. “In a world filled with leadership noise, Deni breaks down barriers through skillful communication and active listening. I’ve never worked with a more graceful, powerful leader.”

In her previous role as Execution Strategist at Lean Forward Leadership Solutions, Ms. Hall developed and implemented a strategy that introduced behaviors necessary to create a consultative selling culture, and she designed an internal coaching methodology for senior leadership to ensure ongoing behavior change. Prior to this role, Ms. Hall worked for Luxottica Retail and Pacific Dental Services.

As CPO, Hall brings award-winning cognitive and behavioral methods and tools utilized by high performance teams in a variety of industries, including dentistry.

“Ms. Hall is tasked with continuing our commitment to providing best-in-class business advisors, team development coaches, and marketing consultants. Working side-by-side with Dr. David Porritt and Chief Communications Officer Regan Robertson, independent dentists now receive cutting-edge methods previously reserved for large corporations,” Peterson said.

“I wanted to work for a company that gives me the space to reach my full potential,” said Hall. “I waited a full year to be hired by PDA because I love the culture.”

Hall continues, “Many independent dentists are uncertain about the future of private practice and are concerned there may be no other option than to sell to a DSO. The reality is, when dentists optimize using PDA methods, they have far more control when it comes to reaching financial freedom on their terms.”

Ms. Hall received her Bachelor of Art in Business Administration and Marketing from University of Colorado, and her Masters in Business Administration from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management.

About Productive Dentist Academy

Productive Dentist Academy (PDA) is an award-winning dental business and marketing consulting firm based in Anacortes, WA. At PDA, we know independent dentists are uncertain about the future of private practice and are concerned there may be no other option than to sell to a dental service organization (DSO). That’s why PDA built the Investment Grade Practice™ platform to be the advocate and level the playing field so independent dentists can optimize profitability, improve patient experience, and align teams to the dentist’s core vision. Founded in 2004, employee-owned PDA empowers thousands of dentists internationally so they can make confident decisions as a leader, reengage their passion, and achieve financial and personal satisfaction. For more information, call 800-757-6077, e-mail, or visit

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