ProDent Clean is Now Offering a Convenient Retail Size

Days are scary right now and many consumers are searching for simple and effective methods to clean their oral devices. Oral devices carry a heavy concentration of oral bacteria and viruses. These devices should be cleaned thoroughly each day to prevent reintroduction of the bacteria and viruses into the mouth. ProDent Clean safely and effectively removes the nasty build-up which may contain these harmful bacteria and viruses on oral devices, including retainers, orthodontic clear trays and sleep apnea devices. Supporting ProDent Clean’s effectiveness is its main ingredient, hydrogen peroxide. Science has supported the use of peroxide for almost a century for wound cleaning and more recently for disinfection of hospital surfaces and endoscopes with the lowest risk of danger to patients.

“Hydrogen Peroxide is an ideal disinfectant since it is deadly to bacteria and viruses, yet completely safe for mammals” stated Dr. Todd Morgan, co-creator of Pro Dent Clean. “For years we have used ProDent Clean professionally to clean any removable dental device when patients come to the office. We are thrilled to now be offering ProDent Clean to consumers in a convenient size for spraying or soaking at home during these times and going forward for the sake of good hygiene.”

ProdentClean can be purchased online at: or by calling 760.473.8628

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