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by Mark T. Murphy, DDS

Sleep physicians have a reluctance to prescribe Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT). A recent survey1 indicated three of their top concerns were: Efficacy, Comfort and Side Effects. OAT device selection should address these concerns. In fact, some next generation OAT devices, such as ProSomnus® Sleep Technologies devices, have been specifically engineered to address them. Gone are the days when we had to settle for lower efficacy, universal discomfort, and unavoidable side effects. Let’s review these innovations.


Next generation precision OAT devicesAccording to a review of 42 papers included in the AADSM guidelines and numerous scientific studies published since, OAT efficacy has been improving since 1995 from under 50% to nearly 70% recently. Why? The function of an OAT device is to “protrude and help stabilize the mandible.”2 Clinical practice, in vitro tests, and scientific studies demonstrate that next generation, precision, OAT devices are better at performing this function.

Comfort and Compliance

The material advantages of next generation precision OAT devices do more than provide a smaller lower profile platform that patients prefer, it also is much easier to clean and does not ‘gunk’ up. The dense control cured PMMA allows more tongue space which can mean less advancement and a considerable reduction in volume. Studies using sensors demonstrate comparable to better Mean Disease Alleviation and overall adherence than CPAP.

Side Effects

Again, technology and innovation advances solutions. The precision fit is designed to mitigate tooth movement as was demonstrated in a recent JDSM3 article utilizing the ProSomnus platform. Preventing a posterior open bite and occlusal changes can be enhanced through the use of the propriety CAD/CAM Morning Occlusal Guide available as well.

Innovative engineering, materials, precision manufacturing and a company dedicated to helping you, your patients and referring physicians thrive in Sleep Medicine…“Better OSA Therapy; By Design”.

Studies have shown that use of ProSomnus next generation precision OAT devices may be able to avoid the tooth mobility side effect. Read about the study here.

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