HealthyStart’s Disruptive Software Solution for Pediatric Sleep-Disordered Breathing

Dr. Beth Rosellini explains HealthyStart and the launch of the first and only comprehensive pediatric sleep-disordered breathing, early intervention orthodontic software platform.

by Beth Rosellini, DDS, AIAOMT

HealthyStart (HS) has been a leading influencer in the dental space for decades, innovating new diagnostic and therapeutic solutions related to growth and development, sleep, airway and breathing, and oral healthcare. HealthyStart’s newest advancement includes proprietary software aimed at optimizing patient outcomes and increasing parent engagement while streamlining practice management and maximizing chairside efficiency.

The efficiency, predictability, and stability of HealthyStart’s system of patient screening and intra-oral appliance therapy have been validated through decades of clinical research,1 case studies, and testimonials by providers and patient families. Pediatric patients with symptoms of sleep-related breathing disorders, severe malocclusions, and deficient craniofacial development can be successfully treated with the HS appliances without prescription medications, surgeries, prolonged fixed orthodontics, and other invasive therapeutics that often introduce a litany of undesirable side effects and no guarantee of achieving the target outcome.

The HealthyStart System has evolved into an A-to-Z solution for pediatric airway and sleep health. It is built to support doctors who have never treated these types of cases, educating them on the diagnostic and screening components, as well as the therapeutic modalities available to the clinician for treatment planning.

HealthyStart launched the first and only comprehensive pediatric sleep-disordered breathing, early intervention orthodontic software platform. The tools included are built to be seamlessly incorporated into generalists’ and specialists’ practice flow, but they have enhanced features to capture the critical data specific to pediatric SDB patients that otherwise would be lost in clinical notes and not readily available to visualize improvement over time. It can also standalone as a doctor’s go-to solution for HIPAA compliant patient documentation and management, pending practice preference for organization.

As a platform, this solution focuses on processes that must be completed and data that must be collected, which is all that a doctor needs to successfully treat these types of cases. Many doctors have expanded diagnostics in their practice; this platform features capacity to include ceph and CBCT analyses, sleep tests, and communication with collaborative providers such as ENTS, pediatricians, sleep physicians. It really is a one-stop-shop for comprehensive management of patients and their comorbidities.

Telemedicine Functionality

A key component of the new software is telemedicine functionality to facilitate remote management of patients, improving patient compliance and maximizing profitability.

The HealthyStart (HS) Parent App adds tremendous value to patient families in treatment by prompting parents to monitor more closely a child’s progression via completion of the Sleep-Disordered Breathing Questionnaire and uploading clinical photos from home every week, instead of only capturing this data on a monthly or quarterly basis in the dental office. The child benefits from the parents being more actively engaged in their at-home therapy. Documenting symptoms and taking photos create tangible metrics to monitor so that the provider is not limited to an oftentimes short, subjective report at the following in-office visit.

Beyond increased engagement, providers have access to ongoing monitoring of symptoms and can confirm the case is progressing as predicted or, alternatively, can escalate concern to avoid a delayed response. All of this works so providers can focus on the high impact needs of their patients while physically in the office, but otherwise can allow patients to do the work at home with the HS tools.

Figure 1: HealthyStart’s comprehensive orthodontic software platform features an array of tools to aid practices in treating their Sleep Disordered Breathing patients.

Ongoing Case Support

The HS software allows comprehensive and individualized feedback to providers on all cases, from start to completion. This feature is intended to support newer providers who have less experience, but also to build confidence of more experienced providers so they are inclined to take on more complex cases. There is no limit to the number of questions that can be asked through the duration of a case, and feedback is tailored to specific patient needs and the doctor’s skillset and clinical preferences.

Figure 2: A HealthyStart patient before and after treatment

Growing Online Community

Whether doctors like it or not, the Information Age has ushered in an era in which conversations related to diagnosis and treatment planning go far beyond in-office patient education and informed consent. Patient families are constantly googling questions, streaming related content, and communicating directly with each other. It is a double-edged sword, in that fortunately it is an indicator that families are proactive in helping their children while at the same time exposing an increased potential for sharing inaccurate information or accurate information that is not applicable to a certain individual.

HealthyStart has leveraged this trend to maximize global results. With 40,000 followers on various public social media accounts and hundreds of private doctor forums, the HS team participates in conversations with parents and providers alike to share evidence, best practices, expectations, etc. Even better, because those in the groups share a common philosophy that prioritizes preventive health, many of the parents of children in HS and clinical team members who use the system jump in and provide additional support, feedback, and camaraderie.

Figure 3: A HealthyStart patient wearing the first appliance in the HealthyStart System, the Habit-Corrector.

Digital Education Platform

The Digital Education Platform is a unique learning environment that combines digital and live courses incorporating “hands on” treatment with weekly Friday Forums to provide practical case, practice, and compliance tips.

Metadata Analysis Enhances All Outcomes

While continuing to lead this industry, HealthyStart recognizes the importance of ongoing evaluations of clinical outcomes and patient and doctor experiences. Anonymous metadata crowdsourced through participating practices is being deployed to verify alternative hypotheses and to continue to iterate improvements for enhanced clinician and patient functionality. It is those of us who are harnessing the momentum of the data science who will continue to exceed patients’ expectations and deliver the best clinical solutions of tomorrow.

Read more about how the HealthyStart System provides an effective treatment for the root cause of sleep disordered breathing and straightening teeth without braces here:

HealthyStartBeth Rosellini, DDS, AIAOMT, is a biological dentist and clinical researcher with special interest in chronic inflammatory conditions, airway and sleep health, and alternative/non-pharmaceutical therapies. She has completed her accreditation with the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology and has been selected as a speaker and educator in this space. She’s served as the principal investigator on studies funded by the National Institutes of Health, and she’s currently managing 2 ongoing clinical studies that are using the HealthyStart® System to evaluate clinical outcomes in more complex pediatric Down syndrome cases, as well as in children who suffer from chronic seizures.

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