GALILEOS® Comfort Plus: The Most Efficient Clinical Workflow in Dentistry

Product_Profile_Galileos-Fig1This high-end CBCT unit with HD scan mode guarantees the highest image quality with extremely low dose, large field-of-view and integrated FaceScan offers maxillofacial surgeons, orthodontists, radiologists, general dentists and ENT doctors all the options they need for diagnosis, treatment and patient consultation.
The optional HD mode of GALILEOS® Comfort Plus ensures the highest image quality for a clear and quick diagnosis, even in difficult cases.

  • 15.4 cm spherical volume with MARS
  • Close-up feature with 125μ resolution for endodontic applications
  • Lateral and AP/PA cephalometric views
  • One of the lowest diagnostic doses per volume size available
  • Stable patient positioning, whether standing or sitting
  • 14-second scan for minimized patient movement
  • Seamless workflow integration
  • Software with superior diagnostic features

At a glance, GALILEOS Comfort Plus offers advanced features that are easy to use and provide the optimal workflow for your practice.

Left: For the First Time GALILEOS Provides True Motion in Cone Beam with SICAT Function - only from Siron. Right: New Perspectives for TMD Diagnostics.
Left: For the First Time GALILEOS Provides True Motion in Cone Beam with SICAT Function – only from Sirona. Right: New Perspectives for TMD Diagnostics.

Airway analysis with Dolphin 3D
Airway analysis with Dolphin 3D

Introducing SICAT Function –True Motion in Cone Beam
Integrated FaceScan technology
Integrated FaceScan technology

SICAT Function is a revolutionary software solution with an integrated 3D work-flow. With GALILEOS and SICAT Function, you can use the patients 3D Cone Beam scan with their acutal recorded jaw motion. This allows for the visualization and a movement oriented treatment plan. The recorded jaw movement can be visualized and reproduced at any location in the  dentition or mandible.
Integrated FaceScan
The FaceScan plots the patient’s facial surfaces at the same time the X-ray image is taken. With a realistic image of their own face, patients understand and accept treatment recommendations more readily.
Compatible with Dolphin software
The Dolphin 3D imaging software is a powerful tool for orthodontists and oral maxillofacial surgeons that make processing 3D data from any Sirona CBCT X-ray system extremely simple. Dolphin 3D features tools for on-screen manipulation and analysis of volumetric datasets. Images are easily oriented and rotated, and tissue density thresholds can be adjusted for detailed views of the craniofacial anatomy. Measurements and digitalization can be performed in both 3D and traditional 2D views. In addition to Dolphin integration, Sirona CBCT systems are also compatible with other popular orthodontic software programs.
Sleep Apnea
GALILEOS 3D scans can also be used for visualization of the airways. With Dolphin 3D, you can analyze the airway by drawing a border around your selected portion of the volumetric scan; the program will automatically fill in and display all the airway space within that border, then report back telling you the volume of airway space in cubic millimeters.
It will also locate, display and measure, in square millimeters, the most constricted spot of that airway. A fast 14 second 3D scan from GALILEOS provides 3D data for your diagnostic needs. Its ease of use, wide range of functionality and HD imaging capabilities make the Sirona GALILEOS Comfort Plus perfect for your practice.
This information was provided by Sirona.

Sirona and GALILEOS takes SCAN, PLAN and TREAT to  another level. To learn more about the GALILEOS Comfort Plus visit or contact Sirona at 800.659.5977.

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