Dentists Have an Affordable New Option for Treating Medicare-Enrolled Patients: The Silent Nite® with Glidewell Hinge™

Silent Nite® with Glidewell Hinge™ was developed to meet the needs of Medicare patients. Read more about it here. 

The Silent Nite® with Glidewell Hinge™. PDAC-approved for Medicare (E0486)

In the U.S., more than 60 million people are covered by Medicare,1 and it’s estimated that more than half of Americans aged 65 or older are at increased risk for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).2 This condition is associated with cardiovascular disease, cognitive dysfunction, depression, metabolic syndrome, motor vehicle accidents and diminished quality of life.2 To help dentists serve their Medicare-enrolled patients, Glidewell has introduced the Silent Nite® Sleep Appliance with Glidewell Hinge™. This device is an extension of the Silent Nite brand, which dentists have been using since 1996 to treat snoring and OSA.

“Because of its low price point, the Silent Nite with Glidewell Hinge makes MAD therapy more accessible for Medicare-enrolled patients and more profitable in the dental office.”
– Randy Clare, subject matter expert in dental sleep therapy at Glidewell

Design Features: PDAC-Approved (E0486)

For Medicare-enrolled patients, a mandibular advancement device (MAD) must meet strict design parameters for Pricing, Data Analysis and Coding (PDAC) approval using code E0486. The Glidewell R&D department examined the Medicare requirements and designed the Glidewell Hinge to meet these standards. The Glidewell Hinge is made of surgical stainless steel and is micro-adjustable to provide dentists with the ability to set a therapeutic jaw position while the device is inside or outside of the mouth.

The appliance is flexible, thin and comfortable to wear throughout the night, helping patients achieve a more restful sleep and enhanced quality of life. Each Silent Nite case includes an AM Aligner to aid patients in exercising and realigning the jaw after nighttime mandibular advancement.

Making Treatment More Accessible to Patients

The Silent Nite with Glidewell Hinge was developed to meet the needs of Medicare patients and the needs of the dentist with a busy practice. The MAD is value priced at $227 and includes the comprehensive warranties for which Glidewell is known.

To learn more or to receive information about the Glidewell Clinical Twinpak™, which saves dentists $100 on a duplicate Silent Nite with Glidewell Hinge appliance to ensure uninterrupted treatment, call 877-210-3338 or visit


AM Aligner is a product of Airway Management Inc.

Read more about the Silent Nite® treatment protocol from Glidewell here:

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