David Gergen on Koala Sleep Franchises Marketing and Expansion

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Dr. Rod Willey, who founded Koala, has been my largest account since he started doing dental sleep medicine three years ago. In one amazing month he started 106 cases! Month in and month out, Dr. Willey’s practice is starting 60 cases. His second franchise also is hitting that 60 case a month level. He has this proven track record and I believe it is because he knows how to market.
Each Koala practice is marketed differently, based on the demographics of each location. Dr. Willey focuses on the specific area and markets heavily, directly to the public, to precise target prospects. The new Koala of Arrowhead opening in Glendale, Arizona in May 2015 will follow this same successful pattern.
Here’s some perspective: we work for 3,000 sleep dentists around the country. The majority of the doctors only do a few cases a month. When they reach 20 prescriptions a month, we consider them to be a solid account. There are less than ten of our accounts that average more than 40 cases a month Dr. Willey is way above average with 60. What he is doing works!
The new Koala of Arrowhead is close to the Arizona Cardinals stadium and is working with NFL legends to tie in to that specific market for branding effectiveness. They are also going to center TV and radio ads around this demographic.
There will be a public seminar with invited referring MDs soon after opening to generate buzz. Free education to the public and professional community is another proven success Dr. Willey implements with his sleep centers. If you would like more information on this specific center, please see the information below.
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