Building Your Sleep Practice?

SleepArchiTx is your design-build solution

Is it frustrating to know that your patients are suffering from sleep disorders but you can’t help them because of obstacles that exist? SleepArchiTx™ has put together a solution that helps you overcome those obstacles.

Turnkey 360° Solution

Instead of point solutions that require your practice to coordinate different service providers for billing, appliances, home sleep testing, etc., Sleep-ArchiTx brings you an all-in-one solution with a single point of contact for you to overcome obstacles and build your sleep practice. The offering includes:

  • Education and Training – For both doctor and staff.
  • Home Sleep Testing – Takes the burden off you. Fully coordinates with patients. No investment in equipment.
  • Turnkey Medical Billing – Experts working full-time to get you paid for your dental services.
  • Treatment Planning – Multi-disciplinary expertise to help dentists with each case.
  • Portfolio of Sleep Appliances – Because one appliance does not fit all patients.
  • Ongoing Support – Critical focus of SleepArchiTx. Will even help chairside when the patient is with you.

These services are not merely a collection of separate companies. Instead, SleepArchiTx developed an entire service offering in-house to give you a truly seamless experience, and all efforts are aligned to make your dental office successful in building your sleep practice without any competing objectives.

From left: Marco Navarro, DDS, MS; Jerald Simmons, MD, D.ABPN, D.ABSM, D.ABCN; Payam Ataii, DMD; Alice Limkakeng, SleepArchiTx CEO; Lou Shuman, DMD, CAGS; Rob Veis, DDS; Sal Rodas, SleepArchiTx Chief Product Officer

Obstacle 1: Education Alone Isn’t Enough

Tired of weekend courses that go nowhere?
Have you tried weekend courses that get you excited about serving more patients only to get bogged down in the day-to-day when you return? SleepArchiTx does not believe in “weekend warrior” education models that claim to set doctors up for success. Instead, the company’s education program is provided in more bite-sized pieces over several weeks to give you and the team time to learn, absorb and apply the learning. The SleepArchiTx education program is required for doctors and all staff to get everyone on the same page. Participants are given assignments to gain knowledge with practical experience. Leveraging the knowledge and experience of the SleepArchiTx’s Advisory Board in sleep medicine, diagnostics, orthodontics and general practice, the education curriculum is truly unique and designed to drive a deeper understanding of how multiple clinical factors impact patients with sleep disorders.

Obstacle 2: Getting the Patient Properly Diagnosed

Home Sleep Testing – Do you have diagnostic units sitting unused in your closet?
Throughout the years, multiple attempts have been made to push dentists to dispense home sleep testing devices from their practices, resulting in many of these diagnostic recording units sitting unused in dental office closets. As a response to this, SleepArchiTx has incorporated home sleep testing services seamlessly within its holistic offering. SleepArchiTx therefore does not require dentists to make any investments in testing equipment and the company does all the hand-holding with the patient to ensure the test is done correctly. Importantly, the company works with board-certified sleep physicians to ensure that your patients’ sleep disorders are diagnosed appropriately. These sleep physicians can also help you talk to your local sleep physicians when in-lab sleep testing is needed.

Obstacle 3: Getting Paid for Your Services

Turnkey Medical Billing – Are you afraid of billing medical insurance?
Sleep dentistry can be a source of growth for dental practices. However, SleepArchiTx understands that medical billing for dental sleep services requires full-time focus to be effective because it takes time to develop the knowledge needed to work with medical insurance companies and “speak their language.” SleepArchiTx has formed a dedicated team armed with deep medical billing experience and incorporated this service as an integrated component of its total offering. When necessary, SleepArchiTx further leverages their medical clinical staff to explain medical justification to insurance companies – a differentiating factor that drives reimbursement success.

Obstacle 4: Overcoming Challenging Cases

Treatment Planning – Who can help you with tough cases?
Gain the peace of mind and confidence you need to succeed. Working with Sleep-ArchiTx gives you access to a panel of experts in malocclusion, TMJ contra-indications, dental co-morbidities, compromised airways and sleep issues to help you on a case-by-case basis. With all this expertise, your treatment planning is more comprehensive than ever and you always have dental, medical, diagnostics and dental lab experts with which to consult.

Obstacle 5: Choosing the Right Appliances

Portfolio of Sleep Appliances – Unsure about which appliance works best for each patient?
Do you wonder which appliance is right for each situation? SleepArchiTx knows that each patient has a unique set of challenges that contributes to his or her sleep disorder. These cannot be ignored when considering treatment options. For instance, different appliances may be needed for bruxers vs. edentulous patients. Therefore, SleepArchiTx provides a wide portfolio of sleep appliances designed to meet a variety of patients’ needs. Importantly, all these appliances are FDA-cleared devices and manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Obstacle 6: Getting Enough Support

Ongoing support – Who will help you when training is done?
SleepArchiTx recognizes that doctors and staff need repetition and practice to learn concepts. Because of this, SleepArchiTx’s support services do not end when training ends; in fact, quite the opposite – support is even more important after the initial training and implementation. Therefore, the company provides a Lifetime Customer Support Program that is serviced by full-time representatives who support the office with every single case on an ongoing basis. The representatives will even assist chairside when you are with the patient.

“SleepArchiTx is here for you. We have created a comprehensive service designed to overcome obstacles and ensure that dentists achieve success.” says Sal Rodas, Chief Product Officer.

Innovation – Introducing the Aligner Sleep Appliance®(ASA)

From the start, SleepArchiTx has focused on bringing innovation to dentists. Given the deep experience of the team, the company is continually working on new solutions to overcome obstacles in the dental sleep market. One example is the Aligner Sleep Appliance®(ASA), which was co-invented by two members of the SleepArchiTx Advisory Board, Dr. Payam Ataii and Dr. Rob Veis. SleepArchiTx is proud to be the exclusive provider of the ASA, which is the only FDA-cleared sleep appliance that can be used in combination therapy with clear aligners.

The ASA is a true game changer for clinicians who are increasingly seeing patients who suffer from malocclusion and sleep disorders concurrently. SleepArchiTx is working on several other innovations for screening and monitoring that it plans to bring to market in the near future.

Expert Advisory Board

The company recognized that the complexity of sleep requires experience from many fields. Therefore, SleepArchiTx was founded from the beginning by bringing together the brightest minds from all the relevant disciplines. Members of this “Sleep Leadership Advisory Board” include:

  • Sleep Medicine – Jerald Simmons, MD, D.ABPN, D.ABSM, D.ABCN, is a triple board-certified neurologist specializing in sleep disorders and epilepsy who completed his Fellowship training at the birth place of sleep medicine in the US, Stanford University Medical Center.
  • Dental Sleep – Lou Shuman, DMD, CAGS is CEO of Cellerant Consulting Group, Managing Editor of Dental Sleep Practice, a Board Director of Foundation for Airway Health and on the Advisory Board for Seattle Sleep Education.
  • Orthodontics – Marco Navarro, DDS, MS is a practicing orthodontist renowned for sleep appliance and TMJ therapy and early development intervention.
  • General Dentistry – Payam Ataii, DMD is a practicing general dentist who has been treating sleep patients for over 10 years and has treated nearly a thousand clear aligner cases using the Invisalign® system. He also serves on the Faculty of Align Technology and is co-inventor of the Aligner Sleep Appliance® (ASA).
  • Dental Lab Appliances – Rob Veis, DDS, is CEO of the renowned Space Maintainers Lab (SML) and a general dentist serving sleep patients for over 15 years. He is co-author of The Principles of Appliance Therapy for Adults and Children, which is considered one of the definitive texts on the subject. He is also co-inventor of the Aligner Sleep Appliance® (ASA).
  • Training & Education – Max Schulze, MDT, CDT is an internationally recognized technical clinician who runs Straumann’s educational training for key opinion leaders and clinicians nationwide.

Harvard Business School comes to Dentistry

Alice Limkakeng, CEO of SleepArchiTx comes from the healthcare executive and venture investing world where she has worked for over 20 years. Most recently she was Chief Business Officer of Boston Heart Diagnostics and helped lead the cardiovascular services company from early stage to over $100 million of profitable revenue through organic growth and innovation. She attained her undergraduate degree at the Wharton School of Business and did her masters at Harvard Business School (HBS) where she graduated with High Distinction as a Baker Scholar, a designation given only to the top 5% of each graduating class. She has extensive experience with medical doctors, medical billing/reimbursement and the healthcare field generally. “SleepArchiTx is a perfect opportunity to apply my healthcare business experience to overcome the obstacles in bringing dental sleep therapy to dentists and their patients,” says Limkakeng.

As the Executive Director of the Foundation for Airway Health, Sal Rodas, Chief Product Officer of SleepArchiTx, has committed to airway health as one of his life missions. Most recently he led a sleep diagnostics company as Chief Operations Officer and Chief Strategic Officer, so Rodas is perfectly positioned to support SleepArchiTx in the dental sleep industry.

National Launch – Solving a National Crisis

Having spent much of the past several years investing, refining the offering, and working with select dental practices, SleepArchiTx launched nationally on September 1. Limkakeng and the SleepArchiTx team are excited to bring the offering to dentists and their patients nationwide. The statistics are alarming: About 70 million Americans suffer from sleep problems, with approximately 60% of these having a chronic disorder as published by the National Center on Sleep Disorders Research (NCSDR), an organization within the National Institute of Health (NIH). This problem is a major driver of healthcare costs too. “Sleep disorders, sleep deprivation, and sleepiness add an estimated $15.9 billion to the national health care bill,” quotes NCSDR.1 The industry estimates that nearly 80% of patients who have the serious condition of sleep apnea are undiagnosed.2 This leaves millions of people walking and driving around who are at risk and potentially pose a risk to others. The importance that sleep plays on whole body health and the exacerbation that lack of sleep can have on major diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and depression cannot be ignored. It is with this sense of urgency that SleepArchiTx is driven to support dentists in solving our national sleep crisis. Limkakeng confirms, “Given the frequency of visits and strong relationships with patients, I am convinced that dentistry is the perfect profession to lead the charge.”

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