Building a Customized Educational Pediatric SDB Program for Your Practice

The Healthy Start Customized Educational Program can result in a positive impact on your pediatric patients.  Read about how to create a customized pediatric SBD program for your practice.

8-month treatment with HealthyStart’s Class III Appliance.

Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB) is an area seeing tremendous growth for the dental profession. As a dentist, it is complicated to determine the “How” for implementation. Engaging in HealthyStart’s concierge program combines the highest level of education, a comprehensive treatment system, a support team made up of dentists, pediatric dentists, and orthodontists who assist with your cases, providing guidance throughout treatment and sharing over 50 years of experience with over 4 million patients treated.

There has never been an educational program that is built and customized for you and your practice like HealthyStart’s Customized Educational Program. You can build the program that works for you, your available time, your staff’s abilities, and even utilize an educational platform that works best for your learning style – live courses, digital courses, accelerated weekend courses, or a combination of both live and digital courses. The customization begins with a personalized HealthyStart Blueprint Meeting that comprehensively helps you to understand your practice’s potential, while also creating a personalized road map for implementation of pediatric SDB to your existing patients and increase your new patient base. Bottom line, helping children, educating parents on oral health, expanding your practice, and creating an enormous ROI. It’s a win-win.

The HealthyStart Customized Educational Program Includes and Provides:

  • Blueprint Meeting
    • Meetings are hosted by your personal HealthyStart ISR, whose mission it is to help you get organized and create a plan of action for getting HealthyStart implemented into your office. ISRs are also available for you throughout your entire journey with HealthyStart to ensure that all of your questions are answered and your office is implementing HealthyStart as effectively as possible.
  • Office Display Units with Sample Devices
  • Guided Treatment
    • ByteChecks (HealthyStart’s treatment plan) offer guidance by expert dental professionals with continuous guidance through Progress
  • Support Concierge
    • Personalized practice support is available by the HealthyStart team to ensure high ROIs and increase internal referrals for a larger patient base.
  • Program Platforms:
    • 4-week digital course
    • Fast-paced 2-day streaming course
    • 2-day live courses
    • Combination program of both digital and live

The Educational Objectives of Healthy-Start’s Customized Educational Program:

  • Understanding SDB
  • Addressing the underlying root causes – skeletal, lack of growth and development, habitual issues, profile deficiencies, orthodontic conditions, and lifetime stability
  • Providing a hands-on learning experience with the HealthyStart comprehensive treatment system to address the outward symptoms of SDB + habitual issues + growth and development deficiencies + orthodontic conditions
  • Creating a dream team – a collaboration of Pediatricians, ENTs, Sleep Physicians, and you, the Dentist (and now the Oral Physician)
  • Providing proprietary tools for detection and parent education
  • Utilizing Provider and Parent/Patient apps exclusive to HealthyStart Providers for consistent monitoring and ease of data collection
  • Accessing HealthyStart’s comprehensive research library and the ability to utilize HealthyStart’s research programs for Providers
  • Accessing patient insurance options
  • Additional bonus programs/lectures on Tongue Tie, TMJ, and T&A coblation wand available at no additional
3-year progress with the HealthyStart from age 5 (top) to age 8 (bottom).

The HealthyStart program continues to educate providers with case selection, treatment protocol, progress checks, and additional support from fellow providers on the digital Facebook group platform. The proprietary documents and diagnostic forms give a comprehensive assessment of patients’ developmental deficiencies, habitual issues, and orthodontic conditions.

A recent published study showed that outward symptoms were reduced and/or eliminated in 220 patients after 6 months of HealthyStart treatment (see table at right).

Table 1 – A description of the frequency (Column B) of the 27 symptoms (Column A) in the sample (N=220) of treated cases with the HealthyStart® Habit-Corrector® with the sample size of each symptom (Column C) and the degree of improvement and statistics from T1 to T2 (Columns D-G, H, I).

This educational experience includes a hands-on portion of treating up to two patients, complimentary, with these patients being the doctor’s patients of choice.

Begin your journey, create your educational experience, and provide a comprehensive treatment that address your patient’s deficiencies in growth and development, proper habits, skeletal deficiencies, such as narrow arches, and orthodontic conditions that all impact the ability of your pediatric patient to breathe, sleep, and create a lifetime of better health.

This education platform that can be customized to a doctor’s schedule and availability creates a program that is more easily implemented within a practice and makes a greater impact on the community’s pediatric population. Every office will be able to work with their own concierge and create a customized blueprint for success. To begin implementation of a customized pediatric SDB program for your practice, please contact HealthyStart at or visit to learn more.

Read more about how the HealthyStart System is effective in addressing sleep-disordered breathing in children here:

  1. Bergersen EO, Stevens-Green B, Rosellini E. Efficacy of Preformed Sleep and Habit Appliances to Modify Symptoms of Sleep-Disordered Breathing and Oral Habits in Children With Focus on Resolution of Mouth Breathing. Compend Contin Educ Dent. 2022 Jan;43(1):e9-e12. PMID: 35019666.

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